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Green we have used american club for many years we always got the 1lb bag and use 100mm tubes with an electric roller. when we got the tobacco from a local store it always seemed to be a little stale or crushed and had a lot of powder at the bottom so by the time we got to the bottom of the bag we had less than 2 cartons of cigs. since we started ordering our tobacco from jrcigars it is much fresher, less crumbly and we are able to roll a minimum of 2 cartons plus 1 pack. we ordered the 4.5lb bag of tobacco for the first time on june 14th delivered on june 20th . since june 20th we have rolled 10 cartons of cigs and still have 1qt bowl of tobacco left. the price is good buying the bulk bag saves on money and on the hassle of multiple orders excess of garbage. we have a honey account and that gave us a coupon for the first bag so we saved a lot more. the only down fall is the crumbs and powder left at the bottom of the bag. 4 4 1
Green Its good 4 4 1

American Club

Green 11ACM45

American Club Green Pipe Tobacco features an American-style blend of aged ribbon-cut Virginia tobaccos. Sold in affordable 4.5 lb. bags, it’s a delightful mellow to medium body blend with naturally sweet tobacco flavors imbued with the invigorating essence of mint. American Club Green Pipe Tobacco is a great everyday smoke that never becomes harsh or overbearing. 

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United States

Mellow - Medium

4.5 LB Bag

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