4.555555555555555 36
Superfreak This one was just a little too lon g on. The one frame and the drew was pretty loose so it might have just been me 3 5 1
Superfreak Dont expect the crazy aromas the prensado had but instead expect a down to earth classic style smoke. Nice earthy flavors that arent under or overwhelming 5 5 1
Superfreak I like to go outside for several hours and just drink and smoke. This was perfect because it took at least 2 hours to smoke and was great with every puff. Beware though it is HUGE and make sure you have plenty of time to smoke it. The Price is great too for the quality. I highly recommend this as both a joke and for a serious cigar smoker. 5 5 1
Superfreak not just a novelty. Fabulous cigar. 64 year old guy ,been smoking on and off since my 40's. Went into a Cigar store (Penn Ohio Cigar in Sharon, PA - HELLUVA store BTW) and a local was smoking one of these. $9 for a monster cigar. Immaculately made. gorgeous oily flafwless wrapper. Easy to light, great draw, super aroma. I'll be frank.....i cut this in half with an oversize cutter and basically have two monster robustos for $5 each. smoked that for well over 1h. 5 5 1
Superfreak The Alec Bradley MAXX Superfreak is a strong and long lasting cigar with good spice. 5 5 1
Superfreak I highly recommend this cigar for anyone that prefers mild to medium smokes low this after a light lunch 5 5 1
Superfreak This one was just a little too lon g on. The one frame and the drew was pretty loose so it might have just been me 3 5 1
Superfreak Dont expect the crazy aromas the prensado had but instead expect a down to earth classic style smoke. Nice earthy flavors that arent under or overwhelming 5 5 1
Superfreak Great burn loved this all ways been a Alec Bradley fan Had a good draw Would have been better if it wasn’t so cold out side 5 5 1
Superfreak By far one if me go to sticks. Great flavor, build and draw. Highly recommended as a great smoke 5 5 1
Superfreak Smoked this with Rick James and even he agreed this full bodied A Bradley is the bomb. Complex notes of leather and nuts Superfreak 5 5 1
Superfreak Awesome cigar! I haven't been smoking long but this was definitely my favorite smoke far. 5 5 1
Superfreak Super clean draw with a slightly oily wrapper clean draw through and through I can smoke this any time of day or night! 5 5 1
Superfreak Always a great pick up. Nice full bodies flavor with a great draw. Everyone needs a few of these in there humidor. It’s got a great pepper taste and a solid sweetness 5 5 1
Superfreak The Alec Bradley Maxx Superfreak has become my go-to cigar for about two years now. I recommend them to my buddies who like cigars. So far I have found the Superfreak to be very consistent and dependable. 4 5 1
Superfreak LOL! It definitely is a superfreak, OMG, this thing is a challenge. Are you up for it? Really great flavors. 5 5 1
Superfreak Oh my, this is a FANTASTIC stick, it even feels like it was made to be held in your fingers and admired in between draws as you let the flavors of espresso (my favorite btw) and a slightly sweet spice and a earthy caramelized finish wash over your palette. It’s like exploring a bottle of fine wine, without the hangover. Definitely worth the money. 5 5 1
Superfreak Man, it was a lot of cigar. I prefer the robusto, but once in a while, I go big. Great flavor though. 5 5 1
Superfreak Nice smoke, had a good flavor and draw received as a gift will definitely be buying this in the future 5 5 1
Superfreak just like the robusto but longer lasting this thing is almost perfect looking i have a few in the humidor and the quality is just something else, defenalty need to eat before enjoying this cigar if you are a newbie or sensitive to nicotine, but if your looking for deep dark espresso notes in a habano wrapper its just very unique 5 5 1
Superfreak It's was tasty but burned fast not one of my favorites but will buy agai 3 5 1
Superfreak By far lowest cost for quality and size. Good to break this out on a long night it’ll stay going for hours. Also good for a laugh if you say you’re having a quick smoke 5 5 1
Superfreak Nice medium to full-bodied cigar. Had flavors of spice with a little sweetness. It also had wood flavor notes as well. 4 5 1
Superfreak These are very good but the giant size kills all the flavor. It's a nicotine bomb but not a whole lot else. Draw and construction are good with how big this is just not much complexity 4 5 1
Superfreak Pretty consistent stick. Not a huge fan of AB, but I do like the MAXX 4 5 1
Superfreak Got this with a bundle deal and was mad I didn’t have another one. Full of flavor but little strong on the pallet 4 5 1
Superfreak Very nice flavor it’s overall a pretty good cigar especially for the price you pay 4 5 1
Superfreak Light smoke with leafy wrapper. Needs some flavor to go with the spice. Has a light smokiness. 3 5 1
Superfreak Good cigar. I’d buy again from jr cigars. Always fast shipping and the jr year subscription is so worth it 5 5 1
Superfreak Great smoke for flavor and body. Good price and consistency. I recommend trying this one. 5 5 1
Superfreak This is a great full bodied cigar. It burned forever as well. I will buy this again 5 5 1
Superfreak Like the Maxxx freak the superfreak is just as good but last alot longer. Stays surprisingly consistent through the entire smoke 5 5 1
Superfreak This cigar is worth a try I have smoked about 5 now and they are all worth it for sure 3 5 1
Superfreak The super freak is the best of this line The super freak has some really great flavors The construction is well made and seems like great care went into the wrap The draw is perfect All around great stick 5 5 1
Superfreak Love this cigar. This is one of the best ones I have smoked. I really recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Superfreak Really great cigar, great brand, will definitely smoke this cigar again. Worth it! Alex Bradley always has great cigars 5 5 1

Alec Bradley MAXX

Superfreak 8.50 × 60 ABMASF_1

The Alec Bradley MAXX Superfreak is a huge, 8.50 × 60 jawbreaker that will knock your socks off with rich and extra well refined medium bodied flavors. This slow burning giant displays a sweet aroma will delivering captivating notes of earth, licorice, sweet spice, and espresso . Add this single cigar packaging to your cart, then, clear some on your calendar to tackle this super-large, super delicious stick.
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