4.318181818181818 66
Fixx Like other sizes of this to God this is an excellent cigar it has a rich taste smokes well with whiskey I preferred at night with the fire pit it's a great add into the humidor 3 5 1
Fixx Fairly well priced smokes. Alec bradleys have not disappointed me yet. The maxx series is on the toastier side of smokes and has a nice earthy flavor paired with a long finish 5 5 1
Fixx This size is great I can smoke this cigar after a great meal full body coffee and vanilla coco chocolate spicy ending 5 5 1
Fixx great auction deal, love this cigar 4 5 1
Fixx 91 rated for good reason. AB always makes an easy drawing stick 4 5 1
Fixx Enjoyable cigars, I am a big fan of the shorter cigars. People will be surprised at how long it actually takes to smoke this cigar, not of just a quick cigar smoke. The notes are great , on the richer side. I have bought this cigar a few times now and will continue to add it to my stock 4 5 1
Fixx This stick is amazing I will buy these by the box for sure the burn And construction are flawless 4 5 1
Fixx Great flavor, draw not so much. Over all not a bad stick to enjoy on the go. 4 5 1
Fixx Fairly well priced smokes. Alec bradleys have not disappointed me yet. The maxx series is on the toastier side of smokes and has a nice earthy flavor paired with a long finish 5 5 1
Fixx Like other sizes of this to God this is an excellent cigar it has a rich taste smokes well with whiskey I preferred at night with the fire pit it's a great add into the humidor 3 5 1
Fixx Maxx Fix is a great way to provide a mas fuerte modern alternative to the more dignified Bradley's we are used to. Same great construction and wrapper fell buy with oomph 5 5 1
Fixx Good smoke really robust for my taste but a very enjoyable smoke with a nice punch on the end would definitely smoke again 5 5 1
Fixx This is the other size that my local B&M carries. I find this one to consistently be better constructed and even though the wrapper to binder/filler ratio is lower, to me, it seems to have more flavor. 4 5 1
Fixx Gotta love this stick. I believe it deserves every single point it got in the rating system 5 5 1
Fixx Little strong for my taste,but could grow to like this one easily. Smoother from start to finish! 4 5 1
Fixx AB's have always been largely hit or miss cigars. I've experienced problems with them that literally NO OTHER cigar had. The Maxx is no different. I've smoked 3, they literally have perforations in the barrel. I would never buy this cigar again.l 2 5 1
Fixx Great smoke 5 5 1
Fixx Was a pretty good smoke. Not necessarily my favorite place but the pizza was good but I gotta get the chicken tacos 4 5 1
Fixx If you like a fat stick, medium to full body, with a complex blend of flavors, then this is your fix! 4 5 1
Fixx Same as the other sizes. I expected more from the company. It was okay but should have been so much better. 4 5 1
Fixx Alec cigars are good for after dinner good flavor from start to finish I’m waiting for my box to come 3 5 1
Fixx I've always liked Alec Bradley cigars. This one doesn't disappoint! Excellent flavor and draw and construction! 4 5 1
Fixx Good cigar smokes very smooth burns even well constructed flavor could be better 4 5 1
Fixx This is a great smoke. Has a great draw and has a great flavor and a great draw 5 5 1
Fixx It's a big ring, but not enormous feeling. Smoke time was longer than I thought it would be. Dark coffee, cocoa, and earth flavors. 5 5 1
Fixx Decided to smoke this today since I needed a quick smoke. Very woody taste and hints of spice. Although I am more of a cocoa, cream, chocolate type of cigar smoker, I wouldn't mind having this on occasion. 4 5 1
Fixx Usually can't finish this one. Room starts to spin. Need to eat a big meal before hand 5 5 1
Fixx Big boy cigar. Love everything about this stick. Only drawback is it burns to hot at times causing it to go south quickly 5 5 1
Fixx average stick nothing more nothing less would buy again but it is over rated 4 5 1
Fixx Excellent smoke! Great draw with full body flavor! Not to heavy or overbearing. Alec Bradley truly lives up to their brand with this smoke! 4 5 1
Fixx Always consistent. Lacks on the flavor side. Burn and draw are good, expected form Alec Bradley. 4 5 1
Fixx Great favor with morning coffee. First ever A B cigar. Pretty new to cigars, just two weeks in. Nice strong wrapper, awesome slow burn 4 5 1
Fixx I enjoyed this smoke immensely, full of flavor and easy draw. I would recommend trying the MAXX cigar, you won't regret it. Enjoy... 5 5 1
Fixx Good cigar. Pretty good burn, flavor and construction. Cool band on it too. I’d buy again from jr 5 5 1
Fixx Great cigar at a great price. Flavor amazing and cant wAit to try another. I love this cigar 5 5 1
Fixx One of my favorite cigars. It has a great draw. Awesome taste and highly recommend it 5 5 1
Fixx I really like the maxx, good draw, construction, firm sag. 5 5 1
Fixx This stick packs a flavorful powerful Punch that even the most hardest critic will enjoy this thing will change your life for the better what are the best boss I ever had Bus try 5 5 1
Fixx Nice even long lasting smoke! Little peppery...perfect tasting cigar from Nicaragua sweet -medium full 3 5 1
Fixx Update: I ordered a pack of these to last me through the month of keeping up with the yard. These might even motivate me to go out and do some weeding! 5 5 1
Fixx My second favorite alec bradley the maxx fix is well I cant even describe the complexity in it but it's worth a try for sure 5 5 1
Fixx This is the type of cigar you want to smoke on the weekend for a special prize. I would love to smoke them every weekend 3 5 1
Fixx Wonderful, touch of earth with a leather pepper and coffee with a hint of sweetness. Very fine smoke! 5 5 1
Fixx Overall a great cigar, really loved it along with his other lines of cigars, worth it 4 5 1
Fixx Love the size as this cigar is rich with flavors, burns great no issues. Full of flavor and lasted 1hr 5 5 1
Fixx Not good. The taste is very sour and awful. Would not recommended to anyone. Bitter, bitter, and bitter 2 5 1
Fixx Wow great draw and bold flavors for this cigar makes it a good go to for me since i usually prefer medium to full flavor. almost a perfect burn to, what a delicious tasting cigar, spicy and smooth at the same time. A real treat 5 5 1
Fixx This cigar and a few others prompted me to dive more into AB cigars, definitely give it a try. 4 5 1
Fixx Great app to keep ur pics in your phone for your iPhone or iPod to watch the new game for the iPhone app and I will be playing for more of this great day for 5 5 1
Fixx It is a medium bodied smoke, I don't particularly care for it, but that is just a matter of taste. 3 5 1
Fixx maxx fixx this is so darn good and full of flavor yummy 4 5 1
Fixx A full bodied smoke. Performs well with a good draw and relatively even burn. A good value cigar. 5 5 1
Fixx Good smoke. It would be a good daily if the price was a little better 4 5 1
Fixx This is my favorite Alec Bradley cigar. It is one of the few cigars that I remember the first time smoking it. Great flavor and draw well worth the price 5 5 1
Fixx i was skeptical, but then impressed, packs good flavor into a stout package 4 5 1
Fixx Just an average cigar. Break for a beginner or somebody on a budget. Give this smoke a shot. 4 5 1
Fixx Alec Bradley always produces quality sticks. Good all around hard to beat. Draw is always good, wrapping is excellent, buy in bulk every time. 4 5 1
Fixx The Maxx fixx is okay if yiu are into cigars with a cocoa taste. Im not really into that 4 5 1
Fixx Definitely a stronger cigar- but it is very good. The construction is always amazing on Alec Bradleys 5 5 1
Fixx I have left a similar review on another Alec Bradley MAXX cigar- I have tried a variety of them and they are extremely high quality cigars. 5 5 1
Fixx These are awesome. Solid construction even burn great flavor throughout . You will be happy with these I know I am!! 5 5 1
Fixx Very solid cigar, and another good one by Alec Bradley for those that like the Prensado. I was nicely constructed and had a good draw. Flavor was good but a bit basic throughout. Overall a solid cigar. 4 5 1
Fixx Burns excellent 5 5 1
Fixx Very bold cigar not for the weak palate.oved everything just had some bitterness at halfway point I didnt care for..would not buy again but would smoke a free one🤣🤣🤣🤣 5 5 1
Fixx fatty fatty is prety good how ever flavor is too strong for my taste even turns tary 4 5 1
Fixx Lovely cigar this Maxxxx is I fully enjoyed smoking this cigar with friends. I highly recommend this cigar to all my friends and family who smoke. 5 5 1

Alec Bradley MAXX

Fixx 5 × 58 ABMAFI

Alec Bradley MAXX Fixx cigars derive their exceptionally rich medium to full bodied flavors from an impressive blend of premium tobaccos from Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. These multi-nation tobaccos are fully aged, then covered by an oily, Cuban-seed Habano wrapper in a dark maduro shade. The cigar remains beautifully balanced from start to finish while providing intensely delicious and unique flavors of licorice, wood, cocoa, chocolate, and a spicy sweetness on the finish. Fixx provides the ultimate maduro experience for Alec Bradley cigar fans, along with every well-seasoned smoker. Be sure to pick up a reasonably priced box of 20, when you buy cigars online from JR!
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Costa Rica

Aged Multination Long Fillers




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