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Cigarillos Foil Fresh White Grape · 4.37 × 28 WOCIWG

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This is one of the most popular and best-selling classic machine-made brands in the USA. White Owl White Grape Cigarillos are mild, flavorful, and full of enjoyable sweet and fruity white grape flavors along with satisfying tobacco tastes and a great aroma. Extremely affordable and reliable, they are individually sealed in handy foil-fresh 5-packs and come 50 to a unit (10 packs of 5).
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10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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HTL Indonesia

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States


Light Brown / Natural

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Cigarillo Review

CMartin on 06/10/15

Hello Customer Service Agent, >I would like to submit a positive review for your products! >I am a college student at columbus state university in Columbus, >Georgia who personally loves your product! I have countless stories of >a group of college students that get together what single dollar bills >and quarters they have (sometimes loose change to our cashiers dismay) >to buy a few packs of white owl white grape cigarillos, green sweets >and peach tied for second. We love to sit around in our designated >smoking area at the dorms with a few cigars to unwind the evening and >talk about classes and work to destress. Your cigars are honestly a >part of how I survived my first 2 years of my undergrad degree! > >The burn is wonderful and a good paced burn, the tobacco is sweet and >full of flavor! The cigars are always fresh! >I wanted to send in a positive review and show my appreciation for your >products! I am a life long customer! >Thank you! >Christina Martin