White Owl

Blunts Xtra Peach · 5.31 × 40 WOBLXP

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This is one of the most popular and best-selling classic machine-made brands in the USA. White Owl Blunts Xtra Peach cigars are sweet, flavorful, and full of enjoyable juicy peach flavors along with satisfying tobacco tastes and a great aroma. Extremely affordable and reliable, they are individually sealed in tubes and packed in an upright box of 30.
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HTL Indonesia

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States


Light Brown / Natural

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real nice

alkas007 on 04/08/16

I like a mild cigar at the end of an outside work day, These are nice and don't get in the way of reviewing the work done


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memgim on 10/14/15

Seriously!! Xtra peach?? This is an sorry excuse for a cigar. It's a peach smelling over grown cigarette wrapped in brown paper. I wouldn't give 3 cents for this.