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Te Amo cigars are the world's most recognized brand. This affordable puro (meaning that it's made with only Mexican tobaccos) has always had a fiercely loyal smoking public, crowning it the undisputed king of Mexican cigars.

Packed like a rock and yet offering the perfect draw due to its expert craftsmanship. All the tobaccos are grown in Mexico's ultra-fertile San Andres Valley, and impart an extremely woodsy flavor with deep notes of leather and spice, and each puff generates dense volumes of smoke unlike any other brand.

Unfortunately, TE-Amo is the victim of many a bad review over the last few years. Pure Mexican tobacco has a distinctive earthy, robust edge that has scared off many smokers from even giving them a chance.

Heck, if your dad loved them, they can’t be that bad ... Right? … So why not take the plunge and buy a box so you can experience the rich tobacco flavor and aroma that has distinguished this brand from the rest for many generations.
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Great buy

dwmcgee on 06/11/15

This is one of the best cigars made.


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Distinctive. Excellent Change of Pace. !Se Amo!

The Cocoa Kid on 12/05/14

Bought a single of this to try, as I've liked several cigars with Mexican tobaccos blended in. VERY ENJOYABLE. BILLOWS of smoke, excellent draw, burned evenly. Earthy. The spiciness in terms of spice heat is similar in terms of magnitude to good hot Mexican food, and definitely has a kick, so I would say it's medium to full-bodied. Its cedar notes, which I normally don't care for much, are sublime in this distinctive blend, and work well with the spiciness. Amazing that these are only $3 a stick by the boxfull-- an excellent value. Next step is to buy a five pack and see if my enthusiam persists (sometimes it fatigues), with an idea of T-Amo playing a supporting role : work into the rotation on an every-second-or-third day basis, much like a #2 or #3 pitcher, as the last of 3-4 cigars of the day.


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Old Reliable,

johnjohnjohn on 06/29/15

Te-Amo is a cigar I have fond memories of during the 1980's. These were always good. I hadn't smoked one in years and I couldn't understand why except all the new brands coming along. I had one today and turned around and bought more from JR. The taste is like no other cigar which makes it so tasty and unique. The San Andreas tobacco is also used in Partagas and many other cigars to give a sweet earthy aroma and flavor. The construction is excellent and the burn and draw as well. Te-Amo has been and still is a really good cigar.


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Very good.

Henry on 07/02/15

Darn good cigar.


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Good to get back to

Tim from Midsouth on 07/06/15

Been a while since I smoked a Te-Amo and it was nice to taste that Te-Amo flavor. Not too strong, very balanced in flavor and strength. True medium strength. Good burn.