Te-Amo World Selection Series

Nicaraguan Robusto · 5 × 54 TANRO_1

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The Nicaraguan Robusto is the palate pleaser you’ve been searching for. The creation of legendary cigar master A. Turrent, it boasts mega flavor and a traditional Nicaraguan kick. Handcrafted with premium Nicaraguan long fillers, this Robusto also features a spicy San Andres binder and velvety Cuban-seed Criollo wrapper for a full-bodied experience. A delectable, satisfying cigar from start to finish, Te-Amo World Selection Series Nicaraguan Robustos are available from JR Cigar as singles.
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Medium Brown / EMS

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What do I know you'll probably think there great...

Snakeyez on 06/11/15

Not bad for the price, but left me wanting more. Build and burn was good. Flavor really changes in the last third. Was just too spicy for my tastes, and burned too hot.


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Dog rocket?

DocGates on 08/27/17

I'm not one to recklessly berate a product. This was my first Te-amo experience too. Perhaps these are an acquired taste. Perhaps I got a bad box. Nonetheless, this stick doesn't rise to the Nicaraguan standard I've come to know. The bitterness is overwhelming and unpalatable. There is no balance. Dog rocket? Maybe.


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Tequila, Rum, and on of these instant vacation

Gunny96 on 09/15/16

I bought these a while back and just let them sit. Until I finished the Cuban Blend which were great. But these have a different spin, I married the first with a reposado Tequila nice, but tonight I had a dark spice Rum with one and put on Cuban music, transported to my happy place. EARTHY flavors and a little sweetness perfect thank you Jr for stocking them.


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Very nice full bodied smoke

bnicholas1966 on 03/13/16

Well constructed full bodied cigar with great flavor. Nice draw with even burn. Lots of spice.


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Not the Nicaraguan flavor I was looking for

Heywood on 10/18/15

I bought this to try due to the C. Aficionado review but I think they must've been in a very good mood when they wrote it because it's ok but not great. It never comes through with the sweet Nicaraguan flavor, otherwise it's a good smoke.