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Te Amo cigars are the world's most recognized brand. This affordable puro (meaning that it's made with only Mexican tobaccos) has always had a fiercely loyal smoking public, crowning it the undisputed king of Mexican cigars.

Packed like a rock and yet offering the perfect draw due to its expert craftsmanship. All the tobaccos are grown in Mexico's ultra-fertile San Andres Valley, and impart an extremely woodsy flavor with deep notes of leather and spice, and each puff generates dense volumes of smoke unlike any other brand.

Unfortunately, TE-Amo is the victim of many a bad review over the last few years. Pure Mexican tobacco has a distinctive earthy, robust edge that has scared off many smokers from even giving them a chance.

Heck, if your dad loved them, they can’t be that bad ... Right? … So why not take the plunge and buy a box so you can experience the rich tobacco flavor and aroma that has distinguished this brand from the rest for many generations.
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Very good peaceful smoking.

Tobacco Rights on 02/25/15

This cigar size is another favorite and this cigar delivers delightful flavours. Not sure if it's the size or blend, but very pleasant smoking experience when smoked slowly and calmly. I have smoked a few out of my box and each so far has delivered a very nice, almost meditation like, smoking experience.