Te-Amo World Selection Series

Cuban Robusto · 5 × 54 TACRO

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From A. Turrent, one of the industry’s oldest and top cigarmakers, comes this magnificent selection featuring leaf from the world’s premier tobacco-growing nations. Each style of these rare and unique smokes is crafted in San Andrés, Mexico, and boasts its own distinctive flavor and character.

The Honduran styles feature a hearty blend of Honduran filler tobaccos, a flavorful San Andrés binder, and a rich Cuban Corojo wrapper.

The Nicaraguan cigars in this lineup are a robust premium blend of Nicaraguan long fillers, a spicy San Andrés binder, and a silky, smooth Cuban-seed Criollo wrapper.

The Dominican ones are a creamy, savory blend of Dominican tobaccos, a smooth San Andrés binder, and a golden-brown Connecticut shade wrapper.

And, the Cuban styles have an aged and flavorful blend of Cuban-seed Criollo tobaccos from Central America, a spicy San Andrés binder, and a rich, earthy Criollo wrapper.

With this series, you can really have all the latest cigar brands from the Te-Amo world in your hands—and your humidor.
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Te-Amo Cuban Robusto - A Wonderful Cigar

J. Lane on 06/11/15

Te-Amo Cuban Robusto is a wonderful cigar. Te-Amo has consistent construction for every cigar. I have enjoyed Te-Amo cigars for many years. JR Cigars is one of the only places in America that has Te-Amo cigars in stock.


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Te-amo Cuba

Mikef150 on 07/27/15

Great smoke, can't beat the price! I'm In retested in trying the other flavors from the world selection. For $2.66 a stick taste a lil Havana tonight!!


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The Cocoa Kid on 12/05/14

I bought a single of this to try. Its end was plugged and I would have swallowed my lips if I drew any harder. I kept cutting off more and more of the head, all to no avail. Finally gave up. Construction extremely poor compared to regular Te-Amo, esp. EMS wrapper. Same thing happened on the World Selection Series: Nicaragua single I bought. So I've thrown that one in the flower bed and am on to trying Te-Amo maduro.


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The closet you will get to cuba

Mastdog on 06/08/15

this is the closest you'll get to Cuba without having to cross the ocean and worried about being in a third world country. If you want great flavor great cigar and to impress the ladies then this is the one you want to smoke. after the Hollywood big shot but on a downtown Detroit budget