Swisher Sweets

Cigarillos Perfecto · 5 × 40 SWP53P

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These tasty machine made Perfecto shaped Cigarillos in 10 packs of five are filled with the rich, sweet flavors that make Swisher cigars so popular. Keep a pack handy wherever you go.
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10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf


Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States


Light Brown / Natural

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Swisher Sweets are the only cigars I smoke

Buck on 03/19/15

Swisher Sweets, whether the Perfecto, the Blunts, or the Giants, provide a mild, smooth draw, with just the right amount of rich, aromatic flavor. They are slightly sweet, but not disgustingly so, as are some flavored cigars (the cigarette size) targeted to the youth. I have tried a variety of "regular" cigars (usually larger than the Swisher line), but have found them to be relatively harsh and not so easy on the draw. I always come back to the Swisher line. As with many cigars, Swishers are not perfectly consistent in make--even though machine made. On an occasion (the exception), I will light one up that seems to be slightly "tight" Well, no problemo, amigo! With one little poke from one of those sharp round toothpicks (about an inch or so into the tip), problem solved...she puffs like a breeze!


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Karn1051 on 02/02/16

Second verse, same as the first. Swishers are great for the target audience, but I can't stand them.


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The PBR of Smokes

JMoralis on 01/07/16

Ah... This takes me back to college. These smokes are by all accounts the PBR of smokes. Not something you'd ever admit to enjoying to your friends, but sometimes you just need to have one for nostalgia's sake.