Special Jamaicans

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More than ever, the cigar market is becoming flooded with tons of new top brands. That is great news, but on the flip side, many of the old classic brands are being overlooked. Our ageless Special Jamaicans are one of those brands.

These handmade bundled cigars rival the flavor and quality of any mild premium made anywhere! What you get here is smooth, sweet flavor for significantly less money. Unfortunately, they ain't made in Jamaica anymore... In fact, many of you younger smokers were still teething when they were made there. But you can blame that on a hurricane that put the entire island right out of the cigar business. So much for the history lesson, but if you’re looking for an affordable no frills bundle of excellent mild cigars that we’ve been selling since the Hoover administration, this is a brand worth rediscovering!
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Light Brown / Natural

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Great tasting mild cigar for the price.

loneryder on 06/15/15

This has been my everyday cigar for many years. I try and like other cigars but always keep these in the humidor. They are an excellent cigar for the money. Take them out of the bundle and let them sit in your humidor for a couple of days. Sometimes right out of the cellophane bundle they can be harsh but they mellow out in your box.


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Good value stick!

Eroe23 on 07/12/15

Good value cigar. Not my favorite, but for the price you can't go wrong keeping these around for guests. A little harsh at times, but for the most part mellow, a little spice, and creamy.