Nat Sherman Host Selection

Hobart · 5 × 50 SHHO

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With over 80 years of experience crafting some of the most sought after cigars in the cigar business, Nat Sherman is a cigar you have to try. The Host Selection Hobart is a real treat. On the milder side, it features a really pleasant array of flavors that are smooth, soft, creamy, woodsy, and sweet. You can buy a cedar chest of 25 on the JR Cigar website and experience pure pleasure with each and every puff.
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Connecticut Shade




Mild - Medium

Light Brown / Natural

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Lives up to the Nat Sherman name

Smoke n golf on 06/27/15

Nice consistant construction with an even burn. Nutty flavor that is not overwhelming. What I have come to expect from from the Nat Sherman name. Very mild smoke with an easy draw.


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A favorite

MrHaines on 09/29/15

Smoking cigars is a relatively recent addition to my list of regular verbs, but I've been enjoying Nats since the start. Not every Nat Sherman is a great cigar - the Natural Point Fives are sort of bland and one-dimensional, for example - but the Host is one to love. It is a simple cigar, a nice entry into the world of finer cigars for a young smoker or a new smoker. The wrapper has a wonderful sweet flavor that nicely compliments the smoke.


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Hopeless weak with no discernable tastes

Russisright on 02/07/15

I took a risk and build on these cigars in an auction. I won the auction and bought a 10 pack for just over $3.50 a stick. I was enticed to try the Nat Sherman brand by the article in Cigar Aficionado. the article talked about how the Sherman family was re- committing to producing outstanding, high quality, good tasting cigars. hopefully this part of the net Sherman line is reminiscent of their past efforts and not indicative all of their new direction. the cigar was hopelessly weak (below a mold rating) in taste with no distinctive notes; or identifiable tastes. Compared to LA Unica or the Garcia familie's Tobac SF And other $3-$4 smokes this is a poor value. Being generous, I'd give it a rating somewhere in the low 70's range. For me, even at the price I paid, d say I way overspent.


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Much like a SlimJim

Duff8402 on 07/06/15

I cannot get past the oily coating this leaves in my mouth, much like a cheap gas station SlimJim beef jerky does. Won't be buying this one again.