Asylum Schizo

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What happens when a premium boutique company makes a mix filler bundled cigar? Affordable magic. The Schizo is in inexpensive yet delicious Nicaraguan Puro. From the mind of blend master Christian Eiroa, this bundled smoke tastes way above what it costs. A terrific everyday smoke! Packaged in a bundle of 20 cigars.
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Medium Brown / EMS

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Thevideomd on 10/10/15

My budget only allows a premium stick a few times a year. A wrapper that won't blow away in the breeze, a nice flavor and smooth draw has put this beauty high on my list. This is a five star stick for what it delivers. A hole punch rather than a blade keeps the bits in the cigar, not in my teeth. Already reordered as a keeper. Not a cheap cigar, only inexpensive.


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Not for me

Roadogg on 11/05/15

These well made sticks burn evenly and hold a nice white ash for over an inch but taste was disappointing. An uncomplicated straightforward medium, somewhat bitter tobacco taste with a short finish. A decent inexpensive smoke but one I won't be revisiting.


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Smokers delight

Papa Boog on 10/04/15

Great smoke for price!! This is my go to cigar. Nice burn and good flavor. Easy on the wallet and pallet!! Give it a try


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Lnd Svyr on 09/25/15

Delicious? Nah. Better than one would expect from a $1.65 (including shipping) cigar, though. First one had me spitting bits of tobacco the whole time. Just started second one so cannot say if it will do the same. A little better than what I expected for the price. Would stick with Primo Del Rey though for a low cost solution. Twice the price but twice the size. All in all, I cannot NOT recommend it if budget shopping. Cigars are way too pricey these days. So, Schizo does the job as others have said. Hell of a lot better than Brick and Mortars which came as a freebie.


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Relaxe your not crazy.

Offier6712 on 09/11/15

Beautiful dark oily wrapper and silky smooth. I love this cigar it's has well balanced flavor and consistency. It's truly and enjoyable relaxing smoke so give it the time it deserves.