Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Toro · 6.5 × 52 RPT905

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This square-pressed Toro is brimming with smooth and earthy dark-coffee flavors. Aged to perfection, this elegant smoke is yet another masterpiece in the Rocky Patel line of exquisite cigars. Packaged in a pack of five.
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Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Mild - Medium

Dark Brown / Maduro

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Superb smoke

Son of a gun 85 on 09/08/15

This is my go to cigar. I've smoked many good cigars, montecristo, Arturo Fuentes, partagas, punch, etc... I know this cigar will satisfy my taste. For the price it cannot be beat. This cigar gets better with each draw. Love it! I care for a more mild cigar so don't let the maduro wrapper fool you.


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I Don't Get It!

Cigar Indian on 01/02/15

Nice box box press with a very dark Maduro wrapper. Several imperfections in the wrapper, fairly solid spongy feel. Clipped it had a nice draw. I wanted to like this cigar. Upon lighting it was fairly strong and harsh, with a dry finish, it produced a lot of smoke, but developed an inconsistent burn and need two re-lightings. The smoke was big, fairly strong but not particularly complex. At about halfway I got some caramel notes, creaminess. and coffee, but it soon disapated into something less interesting with an increasingly dry, harsher finish. Perhaps it was just this stick, since others seem to like this more than I, and Patels are generally good smokes. I don't get it!


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Sit back..........relax...............enjoy

Kuma on 10/09/15

For me there are two types of cigars: The work around the yard cigar and The glass of cognac and relax cigar. This is DEFINITELY the latter. Great smoke