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The Edge by Rocky Patel has remained one of the hottest cigars in the country since its inception in 2004. Why’s that, you ask? Rocky, who is one of the hardest-working cigarmakers in the world, says it’s consistency, consistency, consistency! This means that the Edge you light up today will smoke the same as the one you smoked 10 years ago. The only differences you’ll notice are the change from 100-count packaging to 20- and 25-count boxes and the foot-band (the originals were naked; the only reason they are banded now is to prevent inferior forgeries from passing for authentic Edge cigars). The construction is top-notch with an easy draw, a straight slow burn, and a solid ash. The plentiful smoke is rich and flavorful from first light to its full finish with notes of dark spice and espresso.

The Edge is available in two different wrappersthe robust and spicy Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper and the dark-chocolate-colored maduroeach nice and oily. Inside is a secret blend of ligero long-filler tobaccos that have been aged for five years, which gives both styles a full-flavored smoke with a smoothness that’s not often associated with fuller-bodied cigars. The plentiful smoke remains cool without any bitterness all the way down to the nub's nice long finish. It’s also a slow burner, so make sure you have plenty of time to fully enjoy this tasty smoke.

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Jrockyp on 10/20/15

Sensational smoke as always. From beginning to the end, the edge never disappoints. Smooth cigar, definitely recommend.


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Seanlcky13 on 10/13/15

The edge is a great cigar. Smooth full flavor and thick smoke with a great after taste. Good draw and great construction


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Good cigar

memgim on 10/11/15

Not my favorite Patel but still a good smoke. Nice leathery earthy flavors with a hint of pepper. Draw is a bit tight but nothing to bad.


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Favorite RP

TJ on 09/13/15

This is worth trying if you like a full- bodied smoke. I would go so far as to say it is my favorite RP but that's just a matter of personal preference. I have not had any problems with consistency or burn and the draw is perfect. The flavor is smooth and memorable