El Rico Habano

Corona Suprema · 6 × 50 RHCS5

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This convenient collection of five contains the same El Rico Habano Corona Suprema cigars you'll also find in a box of 25. The El Rico Habano Corona Suprema is handmade in a substantial 6 x 50 size that shows off a bold and zesty blend of top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos grown way back in 2001. Finished with a lush and rich sun-grown EMS Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf, the El Rico Habano Corona Suprema handmade premium cigar offers a full-bodied strength profile and incredibly authentic Cuban-style flavor in its heavy-duty, hearty long-filler recipe. An excellent option as a gift for a full-bodied-cigar fan, as an easy way to try out the El Rico Habano Corona Suprema cigar without committing to a complete box, or to take along on a short trip, these five travel-friendly El Rico Habano Corona Suprema cigars are a solid selection for smokers shopping around to buy powerful premium handmade cigars online.
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Ecuador Sumatra



Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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Words fail me, but...

johnjohnjohn on 04/22/15

Where has this cigar been all my cigar smoking life? Not a flavor bomb but a F L A V O R Nuclear missle! This is what all cigars want to be when they grow up. It's like a Joya but then again it's more like a super good Cubano . Smooth as chocolate milk, this cigar is amazing.