Don Victor Pyramid Bundle · 6 × 54 REMDVB

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From a brand that holds a place in the hearts and humidors of seasoned cigar fans, the 6 x 54 Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is a simple yet satisfying smoking experience that showcases traditional craftsmanship with a top-quality tobacco blend and an expertly executed tapered shape.

Handcrafted in Nicaragua with a multination recipe of well-aged tobaccos carefully curated to manifest a middle-of-the-road, medium-bodied strength profile fit for just about any smoker of fine cigars, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is finished with a Connecticut shade natural wrapper of gleaming golden-brown. Packed in budget-friendly bundles of 20, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid's blend balances the right amount of zesty spice with traditional tobacco taste. When you're shopping online for a sharply tapered popular premium handmade cigar designed to appeal to all kinds of smokers, you won't go wrong with the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid Bundle.

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Connecticut Shade

Mexico / Sumatra

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua



Light Brown / Natural

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8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

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Smooth and Fragrant

Atlas Puffed on 05/25/15

A lovely maroon and gold-embossed band adorns a smooth, no-nonsense Connecticut wrapper. The woody start quickly yields to cedar and almonds, a flavor profile maintained throughout this easy-going smoke. It's a taste I associate more with Dominican tobaccos than Nicaraguan, yet both are represented in this filler. A crisp and clean edge-burn requires only an occasional touch-up on this classically fragrant stick, a burn that averaged about 75 minutes for me. The solid, medium-gray ash holds to well beyond an inch on a perfect draw. When it's done, you'll wish it was a just a little bit longer. Well worth the price, and more.


5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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An Old Favorite, Well Worth the Price

Brian P on 12/07/15

This has always been a favorite of mine. When this cigar first launched it was packaged, priced just under, and prepared to compete with other premium brands like A. Fuente, and H.Upmann. There was complaints then about a few batches being overhumidified and a few mold problems. I layed off this cigar for awhile after that. The problem was quickly taken care of when the cigars packaging changed to wrapped bundles and price point lowered. The quality of construction, flavor, and draw are still premium as ever. Nice white ash that holds firm, smooth nutty flavor with a bit of caramel notes, and volumes of smoke. Not a complex or powerful smoke. More on the classic side. This is a great deal.