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From a brand that holds a place in the hearts and humidors of seasoned cigar fans, the 5.62 x 45 Remedios Corona is a classically constructed, simple yet satisfying smoking experience that showcases traditional craftsmanship in a top-quality tobacco blend.

Expertly handcrafted in Nicaragua with a multination recipe of well-aged tobaccos carefully curated to manifest a middle-of-the-road, medium-bodied strength profile fit for just about any smoker of fine cigars, the Remedios Corona is finished with a Connecticut shade natural wrapper of gleaming golden-brown surrounding a blend that balances the right amount of zesty spice with traditional tobacco taste. When you're shopping online for a premium handmade cigar in a popular size and designed to appeal to all kinds of smokers, you won't go wrong with the Remedios Corona, up for grabs in convenient single-cigar packaging that is easy to add to any existing JR Cigar online order.

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Connecticut Shade

Mexico / Sumatra

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua



Light Brown / Natural

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AnnaM on 05/16/15

Good cigar with mellow taste at a good price


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Light on taste

TexasHobo on 01/31/16

Earlier I said that this cigar is dry and has a hard draw. However, after a few days in the humidor it changed on me. The cigar does have a mellow taste to them, too light for me. I do not think I would buy them again.


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Tastes like disappointment

Tommyb04 on 01/27/16

Disappointing start to finish. Inconsistent and poor construction. Some have a draw that is too loose, others are impossibly tight. Uneven burning. Little or no flavor. At least I got them at a deeply discounted auction price. Definitely not worth the regular price. Plenty of other lower priced, handmade, long filler bundles that are much better for a daily smoke.


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Rather Dry

TexasHobo on 01/27/16

This Cigar is dry to the taste, with a harder draw than I like. I do not think that I would buy it again.


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Not too bad

raucous on 07/10/15

I grabbed a couple of these. They were alright. Handsome band (I know, shallow). Nice draw. I'm afraid they were a tad on the bland side. But not a bad smoke for the price.


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XENOG on 12/18/14

This cigar is a rare example of a true medium-bodied smoke.