Rosa Cuba

Ortiz y Laboy · 6.5 × 52 RCOL

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Sit back and enjoy an ample-sized smoke...and save big while you do it! The Rosa Cuba Ortiz y Laboy is meticulously handmade with mixed-filler black tobaccos and packed in bundles of 20 cigars that are not only budget-friendly but also unbelievably believable as a luxurious long-filler blend. Finished with a smooth, clean Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf with a golden gleam, and featuring a medium-bodied strength profile that highlights a bold yet balanced flavor in each and every even draw, the Rosa Cuba Ortiz y Laboy cigar offers absolute evidence that smokers don't have to sacrifice their wallets in order to please their palates (and vice versa). When you're shopping online to spend just a little for a whole lot of solid smoking in a sizably satisfying handmade cigar that's even more enjoyable than it is economical, you'll find everything you want with the 6.5 x 52 Rosa Cuba Ortiz y Laboy.
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Ecuador Sumatra


Mixed Filler



Medium Brown / EMS

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Sometimes a cheap cigar is just a cheap cigar.

Atlas Puffed on 05/17/15

The Ortiz y Laboy is not a pretty stick, with lots of bumps and veins and a sometimes flattened shape due to the bundling. The loose, light construction yields a flaky, dark-gray ash. Very light draw and a quick but fairly even burn. Some sheen on the wrapper with a nice double cap. Not much flavor, but at barely $1 a stick, how could there be? A rather dry, woody and unmemorable smoking experience. Might benefit from aging.