Rosa Cuba

Mille Fleurs · 7 × 48 RCMF

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Indulge in an impressively sized smoke...and save big while you do it! Rosa Cuba Mille Fleurs are meticulously handmade with mixed-filler black tobaccos and packed in bundles of 20 cigars that are not only budget-friendly but also unbelievably believable as a luxurious long-filler blend. Finished with a smooth, clean Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf with a golden gleam, and featuring a medium-bodied strength profile that highlights a bold yet balanced flavor in each and every even draw, Rosa Cuba Mille Fleurs cigars offer absolute evidence that smokers don't have to sacrifice their wallets in order to please their palates (and vice versa). When you're shopping online to spend just a little for a whole lot of solid smoking in a elegantly elongated handmade cigar that's even more enjoyable than it is economical, you'll find everything you want with the 7 x 48 Rosa Cuba Mille Fleurs.
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Ecuador Sumatra


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Medium Brown / EMS

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5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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Fantastic for the price

CigarGopher on 11/12/14

So many cheap cigars are unsmokeable. It's nice to find an exception. This is the best inexpensive cigar there is, imo. They are all Nicaraguan except for the Ecuador wrapper. Rosa Cuba's are full-flavored and somewhat sweet with fairly consistent construction. The only down side is the finely chopped tobacco they contain, so expect to be spitting out some tobacco as you smoke them.


5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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Good choice for everyday smokes.

Gutsy on 11/06/14

I keep RCs in my everyday smokes humidor amongst my Placensia, Marorga, Consuegra, Five Star, Repeaters and Casa Blancas. They are a good inexpensive fall-back smoke with very good flavor for those casual occasions. A little spongy they still burn pretty evenly and have a decent life span. Being a sandwich cigar they don't stand up to a lot of chomping but you should save that for the ribs anyway. Excellent value.


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Rosa Cuba

Shotgun on 02/21/15

I have enjoyed the Rosa Cuba for some time and I also enjoy getting them at a good price. You make it a effortless event to order, Thanks!