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Spoil yourself with a sophisticated slender smoke...and save big while you do it! Rosa Cuba Angels are meticulously handmade with mixed-filler black tobaccos and packed in bundles of 20 cigars that are not only budget-friendly but also unbelievably believable as a luxurious long-filler blend. Finished with a smooth, clean Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf with a golden gleam, and featuring a medium-bodied strength profile that highlights a bold yet balanced flavor in each and every even draw, Rosa Cuba Angels cigars offer absolute evidence that smokers don't have to sacrifice their wallets in order to please their palates (and vice versa). When you're shopping online to spend just a little for a whole lot of solid smoking in a small and slim handmade cigar that's even more enjoyable than it is economical, you'll find everything you want with Rosa Cuba Angels in their 4.5 x 38 size.
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Medium Brown / EMS

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Rosa Cuba Angles are Heavenly

Scott on 05/26/15

Rosa Cuba Angels are my "go to" everyday all day cigar. The flavor is outstanding, they burn very well, and I prefer them to a larger stogie for mowing the lawn, a quick trip to the store, sitting outside at sunset, etc. I have nothing against a bigger cigar when I have time to relax with one but Angles fit the bill all those other times when I'd like a cigar. I often order these in multiple bundles and I absolutely love it and stock up when J&R has them on sale. This is a sandwich cigar, not a long filler cigar. There is both long and short filler in the wrapper, but mostly it's short filler. The cigars are rolled so well you can't tell they're not long filler with one exception, you never end up with a "canoe" like sometimes happens with a long filler. These lil' fellas age very well in a humidor and for maximum enjoyment should be kept at the right temperature and humidity like any handmade cigar. Don't let them dry out. Unlike a lot of smaller, cheaper cigars these are very consistent. I've had other cigars in this class that many would smoke fine and then you'd get a stinker -- it either wouldn't draw because they're too tight, the wrapper and binder were cracked so it wouldn't smoke right, or it fell apart in my mouth mostly making a disappointing mess. That never happens with Angels, every cigar in the bundle is as good as every other cigar in the bundle. The flavor is truly great, this is a cigar with a taste on par with much, much more expensive cigars. I could go on about how good these taste but hey, flavor is subjective and what I taste may not be the same for you. At the price for a bundle of them you should just see for yourself. The worst that could happen is you'd have a few little cigars to give away and you might even end up like me. I never let myself run out of Rosa Cuba Angels.


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Great things come in small packages.

Lenny on 05/24/15

Little treats. I've only tried the Angel size so i can't comment on the others. With all the high priced sticks on the market today, It's great to see this obscure little gem. Tons of rich, smoky, sweet , savory bold flavors jammed into a corona .All flavor, no strength dirt cheap...Very Nice... Been smoking imported cigars for 33 years...this is an incredible value Give them a little rest and they only get better but they are still great ROTT, .Get yourself a bundle post haste..


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Great deal for a decent smoke

Cigarlovernj on 06/05/15

Great smoke for for a great price. I buy bathes of these and keep in my humidor. Always a hit when I hand out to guests.


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Great value

Strick9 on 06/10/15

A great every day smoke that won't break the bank and offers flavor profile of a premium long filler!


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Rosa Cuba

Dcrot1 on 06/21/15

Good short filler cigar... Just the right size for a quick 30 min smoke.... Has a transition about halfway that I wouldn't expect in a cheap cigar


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jjtfmb on 06/08/15

I keep getting these great little gems. Price is right, taste is very good and my wife likes them alot.


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Well worth the price

zunedog31 on 06/14/15

Great quick cheap cigars. Let them rest for 6 months for best results. Taste can be a little funny sometimes, but such a good value.