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The Phillies cigar has certainly stood the test of time as it has been crafted in the US for over 100 years. The Titan features a smooth, mild profile along with a unique, signature flavor and aroma – a characteristic that has made the brand popular for so long. This stick is a nice, affordable choice for when you’re seeking a straightforward, easy smoke. They’re available as 10 packs of five (50 total).
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States


Light Brown / Natural

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An old friend of the family

Mister Happy on 06/11/15

An old friend of the family. My dad & brother enjoy these exclusively as they always deliver with no fuss and no muss. Though I prefer hand mades, in a bind, I will gladly fire one up. It's amazing how consistent a smoke a phillies is.


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It's like rolling the dice

onemancigarband on 04/21/15

I based the star ratings I gave this cigar on the facts of it being an inexpensive machine made cigar. It would not be fair to rate it compared to any better quality cigar. They are what they are with no pretense. At one time, this was a very reliable inexpensive smoke for those "in between" occasions where a higher priced cigar is not recommended. When they are an "on" batch they are just that. A no-nonsense, flavorful machine-made quick smoke. Unfortunately, it seems that once every 2nd or 3rd order, it is an "off" batch. What is an off batch? When the cigars, as fresh as they are, ooze an incessantly bitter and putrid tar-like liquid from the wet end of the cigar into your mouth from the moment they are lit that utterly destroys any possible smoking pleasure and makes the purchase essentially a waste of money. That was my recent order while the order before that was just fine. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how or why this happen. All the cigars are always fresh and never old. I can only guess some defect in the manufacturing process. But it happens at least every third order. That being said, if you want to spend 45 bucks on 50 cheap any day smokes, you would probably be much better off picking something else that would be more reliable and consistent even at that price point. Even at JR's great prices, roughly .90 per smoke is an awful lot for what you often get. It's like rolling the dice.


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Quality is slipping

Thirdbooth on 05/14/15

Quality seems to be slipping. I agree with the review by " onemancigarbrand". Loose wrapping, misshaped ends, fast burning. Like everything else these days they "used to be". But I guess you get what you pay for. JR Presidents are a better smoke for a few dollars more.


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The Best

SMOKIN AL on 06/24/15

I have been smoking Phillies titans for over 15 years or more and would not change


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Hands down, the best poor man's cigar available (if you prep them correctly)

zooid on 02/11/16

These are my daily cigars. Having tried the other brands available in a full-size from the local stores, these are easily the best, which ain't sayin' much, really. Why rate a store-bought cigar at all? Because I owe them this: They got me off my pack-and-a-half cigarette habit. Do I inhale them? Yes, I do. Do I smoke multiple cigars per day? Yes, I do; usually, around 25 per week. My god, isn't that a lot?! Undoubtedly, but my heart and lungs are *certifiably* better off than on the maintenance dose of 30 cigarettes per day... How do they taste? Meh. Better by far than White Owl Presidents, which are reminiscent of smoking yesterday's newspaper. Not as good as AyC Grenadiers (dark wrapper) of old, which were about 1/4 more expensive, developed an unacceptable manufacturing quality (broken and split cigars in *every* pack, wrappers that just fell off) and finally became a half-size super-thin cigar (large cigarillo, really); what a shame... As to "bitter and putrid tar-like" discharge: It's common to store-bought cigars. The draw is the problem: It's rolled too tight. They're all like that! The solution, from a guy who knows: Get a package of wooden chopsticks -- the 'deluxe' hardwood round ones from Dollar Tree are the perfect circumference -- and stick the 'eating end' of one into an electric pencil sharpener. Bring it to a nice round, sharp point. Before lighting a store-bought, carefully insert the pointed end of the chopstick into the wrapped end of the Titan, *twisting slowly* as though you were putting in a screw, until you've got about an inch and a half in. Be careful to go in straight as possible and not split the wrapper. Tricky, but I rarely waste one; good manufacturing, there... Then, *carefully twist* the chopstick out, to avoid ripping the 'gar on the way back. If I do get a tear or -- god forbid! -- a centimeter split in the wrapper, a strip of black electrical tape wrapped all the way around the rip in the cigar makes it smokeable. And the tape is reusable: I've got inch-long bits of electrical tape stuck just about everywhere underneath gazebo and pool furniture, the handle of my mower, the handle of my yard rake... Now you're set. You'll find that there is virtually no tarry discharge and that the draw is significantly improved. To wit, the cigar is now smokeable, whereas before, it really wasn't! Like I said, Phillies Titans are for workingman cigar smokers, not for guys looking to get a nutty taste in their mouth. They are the best-tasting (faint praise, indeed), best-made 'poor man's cigar' to be found at this juncture in time, sadly enough...


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smoker on 05/15/15

Most of them seem to be too tight. Needs a thin rod run through, in order to be able to draw properly.


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Great do not change them

AL E on 08/31/15

I have been smoking phillies TITANS for years i get great pleasure from them. I will never change. They suit me fine


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Phillies Titans. Two thumbs up.....!

Anthony B on 09/28/16

After work relaxing in back yard. First fired up a casa Blanca. Bad draw. Then went to a White Gold A. Bradley. So so. Had two fresh five packs of Phillies Ttans. Lit one up. Perfect. Slight sweet taste, mild smoke. Go Phillies


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torn cigars

Jerry on 12/13/15

I make many orders from JR cigar, al with no problems. my last order, Phillies titans, had several cigars with holes and tears in the tobacco, making them useless, Havent opened the other 2 boxes yet