Toscanelli · 3.88 × 34 PETO5

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A cigar that dates back to the great days of the American West, these smokes are dry-cured using pure Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos. Delivering a rich, hardy flavor, the Petri Toscanelli will take you back to the days of those old spaghetti westerns. They’re a delightfully rugged, no-frills style smoke available in 20 packs of five (100 total).
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20 Packs of 5 (100 total)

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dominick lanci on 03/23/15

Love all of the parodi products


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Bob on 04/28/15

I've been ordering these Avanti cigars for a long time now. I like them, BUT I am thinking about no longer buying them. Many of these packed so tight that they can't be smoked ! Many also have holes in the wrapper so all you get is air ! The quality control is very bad ! Like I say, I really like them, But I can't see throwing many of them away.