Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary

Super Toro · 6 × 60 PEST10

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Handmade by one of the most famous families in the industry, the Champagne Connecticut-wrapped Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Super Toro cigars are loaded with creamy goodness. The rich, velvety, mild-to-medium-bodied flavors with absolutely delight your palate and leave you craving your next puff. JR Cigar is the best place to by premium cigars online. Get a 25-count cedar chest of these beauties now.
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Amazing Value

wolfgangld on 01/24/15

In recent months, my tastes have navigated toward fuller flavored, maduro style cigars, so this one is much milder than I'm normally into. I had an opportunity to try one today, and I was impressed enough to do a review. For starters, I don't think you'll find a better constructed cigar in this price range. I've heard this of Perdomo before, and this stick definitely lives up to that hype. It's a beauty to look at from the outside, but I was especially impressed by the perfection beneath the cap. I don't know how Perdomo affords to put so much care into construction while keeping the price so affordable. The burn and the draw are both perfect. Now the taste: Overall, a pleasant surprise. When you get hooked on maduros, it's hard to smoke a natural and not feel like it's a bit tasteless. Not so with this one. The flavor is clean and subtle, but still manages a complexity that escapes most naturals. A bit of coffee, some caramel, and a toasty/buttery finish that left me thoroughly satisfied with the smoke. If you are a fan of mild to medium natural cigars, do not hesitate on this one. If you normally prefer fuller bodied sticks, but like to mix it up every now and then, this is a good choice as well. I will definitely be checking out more from Perdomo!