Perdomo Habano

Maduro Toro · 5.5 × 54 PEHT3

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The dark Perdomo Habano Maduro Toro is the ideal cigar for complex, balanced flavor. A blend of earth and leather, spicy and sweet, this full-bodied cigar is sure to please your palate and keep you coming back for more! Crafted from the prestigious Perdomo family out of Nicaragua, the Maduro Toro comes in classic cedar chests of 20.

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Broadleaf Maduro

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Saturday afternoon bliss

Commcrash on 08/20/16

I can't claim a very sophisticated palette but a good cigar is a good cigar. This is a very smooth smoke with rubust flavor and aroma. Burned very evenly with a sturdy ash. Was sad and satisfied when it got down to my fingertips. Can't wait to have another soon. Definitely one to have a box of in the humidor.


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Grab em

Dave on 08/03/16

The maduro is the bomb if u like maduro u will love this stick has a nice even punch to it would say grab em


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Another home run from perdomo

Cigar medic on 07/27/16

Ahh the delicious flavors of a Perdomo cigar. Intense flavors build as you transition through the thirds of the cigar I was in dark liquor and dark cigar heaven


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Jonathan on 07/26/16

This one lives up to the name and the hype. Very good and flavors are also good


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warman on 06/30/16

The perdomo habano marduro toro is a nice smoke perfect all the time great flavor great construction lobe the look and feel of this one


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great cigar

jayz910 on 05/01/16

One of the few perdomos i like to splurge on every once in a while. Expensive but worth it. Nice learthy flavors on a great medium bodied smoke


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JerryB84 on 03/17/16

A great one by perdomo. Medium to full bodied. The habano line is excellent. Great construction easy draw and nice flavors. If your into something a little stronger pick these up. They have them in three different wrappers.


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Smoked on 01/30/16

This habano maduro wrapper mix is loaded with sweet earthy undertones that excited my taste buds one awesome stick


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Good stick with some construction issues

pkbowen on 12/24/15

Pre-light: Smoked with ~4.5 months of humidor time and a V-cut. A small crack appeared after cutting and went down to the band. Presents with a very pretty chocolate wrapper with an earthy scent, and a spicy, earthy aroma from the foot. The pre-draw was quite spicy with underlying earth and sawdust flavors. Paired with a Sierra Nevada "Narwhal" imperial stout. First third: The first third is filled with wonderfully complex, dark-but-not-too-dark flavors. I would say the core flavors were mostly hardwood smoke, spicy molasses (the stuff with a real bite, like Blackstrap), and a medium earth. Some ancillary flavors of leather and cocoa came and went depending on the draw. Not really any pepper to speak of; any heat came from that molasses flavor. The pairing with the Narwhal is just outstanding, and I think this would be just as good with any other imperial stout. The burn is just shy of razor-sharp and the ash is gorgeous. Second third: The spicy molasses receded a bit in this third, and some of the toasted oak and hardwood smoke stepped up. These were joined by a core flavor of smooth, moist tobacco. Not much in the way of complexity in this third, but it remained very tasty with the Narwhal beer. That crack around the cap started to grow on me, but didn't cause any real problems at this point. Very enjoyable. Final third: Dude, where's my wrapper? The wrapper literally peeled away in the final third after I removed the band, allowing the crack to propagate down the remaining length of the cigar. I've seen flawed wrappers before, but this was a first for me. The wrapper leaf was quite thin and brittle. It's a bit of a moot point, though, since the flavor had changed by this point to an almost-charcoal flavor, so it wasn't all that enjoyable. Once I ran out of beer I chucked the last 1.5 inches or so. Verdict: Very enjoyable first third, pretty good second third, and useless final third. Great pairing with an imperial stout. This loses pretty significant points for construction issues. I'd call it "good-to-very good," 85/100 (I'll round up to 4 of 5 stars).