Perdomo Habano

Maduro Robusto · 5 × 52 PEHR3

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Full in both body and flavor, these earthy, woodsy, big, bold smokes are accompanied by pleasant hints of cedar, leather, and sweet spice. The deep, dark wrapper that surrounds the Perdomo Habano Maduro Robusto cigars is quite flavorful. They are packed in a cedar chest of 20 and available on the JR Cigar website.

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Broadleaf Maduro

Cuban Seed Nicaraguan




Dark Brown / Maduro

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Not your average maduro. 13/15

Nick_or_Rutledge on 10/12/15

This is a well constructed cigar. It draws well and doesn't fall apart under excessive chomping. It burns with the tempermant of the proverbial tortoise; slow, steady and even. +5 The smoke is thin and scratchy, lacking the creaminess I would expect from a maduro. I certainly would not want to fill a room with it. I believe the form factor is wrong for this tobacco combination, a ring of 44-46 seems like it would be more appropriate. +3.5 The flavor is delightful, though slightly unexpected. It starts with heavy earth tones, hinting ever so slightly to pepper. It then matures to a nut based oak or apple wood flavor. Again, this is not what I was expecting from a maduro, but not unpleasant. +4.5 Overall, I would say this is an excellent cigar and would pair nicely with a port or bourbon, but it is worth noting that it isn't your average maduro. In the end i am left wishing there was some cocoa or tea flavor in there. 13/15


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Was flawless

Smoked on 12/24/15

Loved this cigar from first sight the darkness of the wrapper is screaming with flavor the double band just makes it look better the experience was flawless