Perdomo 20th Anniversary

Sungrown Epicure · 6 × 56 PEE20

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Crafted by the legendary Perdomo family in one of Nicaragua’s most prestigious factories, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Epicure cigars feature a stunning bourbon-barrel-aged sun grown wrapper that surrounds a super-seasoned blend of zesty and full-bodied long fillers. You’ll love the lush, robust, velvety, and sophisticated flavors and undertones of cedar and sweet spice. These commemorative premium cigars are available in elegant boxes of 24 on the JR Cigar website.

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Medium Brown / EMS

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Full and tasty, not for Nubbies

RMyrvold on 03/15/16

Very well made and satisfying full strength cigar. Firm construction with nice easy draw. Beautiful long white ash with perfect burn, woodsy with great taste. Great smoke with single malt Scotch or a nice malty ale


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Very Good Smoke

apar on 11/21/15

This is a very well constructed cigar - excellent burn - nice tight white ash and lots of nice cool smoke The flavor is predominantly woody - mostly cedar wood and some nutty tastes. This profile lasted throughout the smoke - mellowed somewhat in the 2nd third. Great cigar! Smoked this with a Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon- one of the greatest bourbons made. Unfortunately, it doesn't pair well with bourbon as it makes the bourbon too woody and gives a very tannic dry mouth. This cigar needs a Moscow Mule or a very sweet drink.


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A Party for everybody

east on 10/02/15

I love this ciger real good!! Smoke.