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Perfecting the cigar industry for years, Parodi knows how to combine zesty flavors that ignite and excite your taste buds. These aromatic smokes are machine-made with 100% American tobacco that is full of sweet and robust flavors for a mouthwatering treat. Featuring a medium-bodied profile, these smokes will satisfy your cravings from start to finish. They’re available as 20 packs of five (100 total).
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20 Packs of 5 (100 total)

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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States

Medium - Full

Light Brown / Natural

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Quick Smoke

Bert on 07/13/15

Just the the thing for satisfying quick smoke. I love these little cigars for a quick walk.


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Personal favorite

Tobor on 11/19/16

After smoking regular long filler cigars for years, I discovered Parodi's. For about a decade they've been a daily staple. Up until this order, I've always purchased boxes of Parodi Two's and not ordered other sizes or boxing options. JRs was backordered on those so I grabbed these and will now stick with them. The boxes of 5 are more convenient. If you've smoked Parodi's before, then this is the exact same blend. If you haven't then know that they are a dry-cured cigar but burn and taste really good. They pair great with coffee. Each stick will burn 25-40 minutes--faster if you puff constantly, but they can be surprisingly good & slow burners if you puff them leisurely. They're a great cigar for driving around when you don't want to light up a Corona.