Partagas Black Label

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The gang at General Cigar broke the mold with the Black label cigar brand. Listening to the public demand for more potent cigars, they spent many years concocting a real powerhouse smoke to meet this request.

This is certainly not your standard Paratagas cigar! Wrapped in a unique Medio Tiempo sun-grown Havana-seed leaf from the Connecticut River Valley, this very robust blend of Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano ligeros are bursting with flavors of earth, dark chocolate, and roasted espresso. Not a cigar for the timid, this very popular smoke will overwhelm your senses with bold mouthwatering flavors.
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JR Price





Connecticut Medio Tiempo

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic


Dark Brown / Maduro

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Very Inconsistent

p47koji on 10/03/15

I've smoked 12 of the 20 sticks. Five of the 12 were unsatisfactory in that they burned unevenly. One burn looked like the state of New Hampshire it was so bad. One required numerous relights; I gave up after half way - it was like a lump of coal where the burn stopped. One oddity amongst these bad burns: the label had an overall green tinge. While the wrapper is spicy, I rated this smoke as below par.


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A must have 15/15

Nick_or_Rutledge on 10/18/15

A well made cigar. The wrapper is tight and holds up well to the occasional gnawing. The draw is superb, but the burn rate is a bit too high. There was a slight unevenness to the burn, but it was easily managed by keeping the fast side up. +4.5 The smoke is spectacular! Thick, creamy and luxurious. I would love to fill a room in it and bask in the pillowy cloud. +5 Nuts! Cashews and almonds dominate the flavor early and powerful soil, moss and darleeling bring it home. This is a full body cigar, but the creamy smoke mellows the onslaught much like nitro mellows a stout. +5.5 (I normally only go to five, but this cigar has a piquancy that merits extra) Overall, this is a top ten cigar. It is a quintessential scotch cigar, though it would also work well with the aforementioned nitro stout. Even with the burn issues this cigar is a must for your humidor. 15/15


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Bobbo1957 on 09/09/15

My favorite cigar. Best bang for your buck. It has everything in one cigar. It is bold and spicy yet I find it smooth, long lasting and enjoyable.