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NACSA Torpedo Sampler · 6.75 × 54 NST

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A sampler of the best-selling handmade, EMS-wrapped, torpedo-shaped cigars from the NACSA factory in Nicaragua, all medium to full in body, rich, and flavorful. The sampler includes:

2 Flor de Farach Momotombo 6.75 x 54
2 José Martí Masaya6.75 x 54
2 La Finca Figurado6.75 x 54
2 Remedios Pyramid6.75 x 54
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Box of 8

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Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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Nicarauan Sampler Treat

Ruckadoo on 06/08/15

Really enjoyed all four selections !! All were very well wrapped I particularly enjoye the Jose Marti Cuba Libra easy draw nice wrapper and stays lit real well !! The Troya Classico Limited Edition seemed to have a really nice flavor to it !! I thought all in all this is a really nice sampler for the price and you also get a really nice box for many uses ! The Remedio Flor Fina and the la Finca are both nice complimentary smokes for this more than reasonably priced Nicaraguan Torpedo sampler !! I would definitely buy this again . I would think it's well worth the price !!!!


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SCD256 on 09/02/15

This sampler was incredibly affordable and very enjoyable. I have only smoked 3 sticks from this sampler and have not been let down yet. The box is cool in the way it labels and explains each cigar.


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Torpedoes away!

StevenTibbetts on 06/07/15

I've only smoked a couple so far, but man is this a great deal. I love torpedo cigars and this is a good way to try a few great brands and figure out what you want to smoke.


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Nicaraguan Sampler

ADJ on 09/27/15

I received my sampler with 2 Remedios, 2 Troya, 2 Jose Marti and 2 La Finca. Overall they were nicely packed and had a good appearance. All had a good draw and burned consistently. Regarding aroma flavor and aftertaste the best one was La Finca!! It had a great flavor, aroma and great aftertaste!! I would recommend la finca and pairs well with a California Merlot. Defintely will buy La Finca again!