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Montecristo is one of the most famous, and trusted brands in the cigar world today. First manufactured in 1935 Cuba by Alonzo Menendez and Pepe Garcia, this brand is currently manufactured in the Dominican Republic, and is now owned by Altadis USA, who controls its distribution and marketing in the United States.

The Montecristo brand was inspired by the adventure novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo", which was a popular novel among cigar rollers in their factory, and read by the lector on the rolling floor. This was done to help pass the long work day.

Best known for it's mild to medium blends Montecristo has produced a superb handcrafted medium to full bodied, cigar with an amazing flavor. Expect notes of full-flavored tobacco, aged leather, earthy woodiness and a smooth, robust finish.

If you're a medium to full bodied cigar connoisseur this is a must try.

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Connecticut Broadleaf / Habana 2000

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Honduras / Peru

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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From Peru

Z.Allen on 06/24/15

Always very well constructed. Perfect burn and draw. The puruvian leaf adds a spicy touch that is a bit different in a good way.


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Bobbyjohn on 06/16/15

One of my go to sticks when time is at a premium. Very smooth, steady smoke. Burns consistent and enjoyable


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Peruvian Montecristo

Dam#Hawaiian on 07/04/15

This has been one of my favorites for years. I just hope the secret does not get out too far. I need them to be in stock for re-supply.


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Not Monte's Best Offering

Yaspar Kyashred on 07/13/15

Very strong body, not much flavor to balance the power. Left a bad taste in the mouth. Surprised that Montecristo would sell such a peculiar-tasting cigar.


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Pretty good

Jd on 08/12/15

Pretty good cigar. Montecristo always has great products and this is no different. Good all around cigar. Great for anytime.