Montecristo Vintage '93 Club Cabinet

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Montecristo is one of the most trusted premium cigar makers, in the world today for both their Cuban, and non-Cuban line of cigars. Due to the Cuban embargo, the Montecristos we buy today are hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic.

A lot of us probably have only a fading recollection of what we were doing way back in the 1990s. But with these rich and well-crafted cigars, it’s easy to see what Altadis USA was doing... making fantastic smokes with some serious luxury leaf that gets better and better with age.

Composed of select 1993 Dominican and Brazilian tobaccos rolled in a chocolate-brown 1996 Connecticut Valley wrapper, this one gives off an exquisite bouquet as soon as you crack open its cedar cabinet. And the flavor doesn’t disappoint either. It is so rich, and luxuriously satisfying it will quickly become one of your favorites. The 1993 is a true vintage cigar that offers up a smooth, nutty and creamy flavor, with subtle hints of spice and black pepper, and a captivating aroma, all in a medium bodied smoke.

These 1993's are hard to find, so grab a box today, because once they're gone, they're gone for good.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Brazil

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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Montecristo Vintage '93 Club Cabinet

Maxieman on 05/28/15

Very good everyday cigar. Consistent flavor and burn throughout cigar.


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Princesspink on 06/19/15

Always a great choice of cigar. So deep and rich you can tell right off the bat a well made cigar with an amazing draw.


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cconk on 06/25/15

Actually won a box of these on the beat the dealer app. They arrived in a very nice box and when I opened it up I was grreted by a wonderful aroma. Each cigar was flawless looking. Sparked one up while I was grilling and I must say what a fantastic cigar. Wow.


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Mrbfox on 06/25/15

Pretty good leisure stick. Burned down a little inconsistent, had to keep an eye out and rotate. Mild to medium body, I got a little nutty with some pepper in the first third with a pleasant finish.


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Pricey but amazing

Cipher on 06/05/15

Great construction, burn, and draw. Overall a flawless cigar. My only problem with it is the price. If I could afford I'd always keep them in my humidor.


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monte vintage 93

whitey1 on 06/09/15

This monte has aged to perfect like a fine wine. It gets so smooth as it has aged and the burn is perfect Nd the draw is so easy