Half Corona · 3.75 × 36 MOHC3

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Tons of traditional tobacco taste in a pint-sized premium cigar that is priced to please! The Mocambo Half Corona is a rugged little 3.75 x 36 smoke handmade in rough-hewn style with a bold black-tobacco blend of top-quality Honduran and Nicaraguan leaf. Finished with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper in a deep and dusky dark-brown color, the Mocambo Half Corona displays compact classic cowboy craftsmanship to offer cigar fans a medium-bodied strength profile that is hearty but not overtly heavy. Packed 25 cigars per each fragrant cedar chest, the maduro-wrapped Mocambo Half Corona ain't a fancy smoke...but it is an inimitable option for smokers shopping online to buy handmade cigars with a true taste of traditional western style.
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Cedar Chest of 25

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Connecticut Broadleaf


Honduras / Nicaragua



Dark Brown / Maduro

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seems cheap

jgsmoke on 06/18/15

this is a pretty cheap feeling stick it has from pepper deep earth flavor not so great I don't really like it


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I like em cheap

Lab Rat on 05/23/15

At .80 cents a cigar decent cigar. Some burn issues, other than that good draw,decent flavor. Will definitely buy again...


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shadow on 08/16/16

This fllls a need for me as a 30 minute or so car smoke. They improve considerably after just a couple of days in the humidor. The only reasonably priced competitor I have found are seconds of the Partagas Purito, available elsewhere, but the Mods!hi has fewer construction/draw issues. I am writing this review having smoked my first box down to the 3 or 4 sticks left in my carador (a plastic bag with a Boveda inside kept in my console) and tthe box I have ordered should arrive today. At the price ( and if you look around, it is not that hard to find internetcoupons good for 15% off and I also use JR Plus) this is pretty much a no brainer if it fits a need. Not as smooth as the Partagas, but not harsh or bitter, body and strength wise more or less OK for this multi decade Hoyo/Punch etc smoker. A very satisfactory experience if you know the competition. For times when budget issues aren't pressing, the Montecristo half corona is very tasty, and smoked at a reasonable pace, will last at least 45 minutes. I have also left a favorable review of that stick, and while I haven't smoked enough of them to firm a firm opinion of them, the Monte 444 has left a favorable impression so far. The JR Petit Corona is my all time favorite (not counting Cubans) in this size range, and I have left a favorable review of those. But I can't afford to smoke 2-5 of those a day-. These I can. I hope this remains a relatively obscure cigar so the price doesn't go up.


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Good smoke

Bassnhockey on 06/20/15

This thing tastes like leather I'm surprised the draw was as smooth as it was. Very good dark cigar.