Tabacos Baez Serie S.F.

Toro · 6 × 50 MFBSFT_1

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Carefully constructed in an ample but not overwhelming 6 x 50 size, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro is a high-quality, low-priced cigar expertly handmade in the famed My Father factory run by Don Pepín, the big name behind some of the premium-cigar world's best-loved boutique-style brands. And, sure, the "S.F." stands for "short filler"...but we dare you not to enjoy this smoke.

For sale one at a time with our convenient single-cigar purchase option, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro is created in the Cuban "sandwich" style, which means its Nicaraguan filler blend includes top-quality tobacco leaf in both long and short varieties (and that leaf comes from the same tobacco plants cultivated for the factory's pricier cigars). Surrounded by a flavorful Nicaraguan binder and finished with a flawless Nicaraguan EMS wrapper in a velvety-brown color, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro offers a medium-bodied strength profile and notes of coffee, earth, and spice from a draw and burn so smooth and consistent that you'd swear this Nicaraguan puro is 100% long-filler leaf.

When you're shopping online to buy a good-sized cigar, take a look at the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro, a low-cost smoke worthy of high praise.

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Medium Brown / EMS

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Pleasantly Surprised

BigDaddyShelton2.0 on 08/09/17

I was hesitant to order this cigar as it was labled short filler. It is actually a Cuban Sandwich, 70% long filler that we all love and 30% short. The burn is good, it got lopsided once or twice but not bad. I didn't have to correct it at all, it worked itself out. The flavors are good but simple. They alternate between cream and pepper for the most part with a classic sweet tobacco that is there the whole time. I think these sticks out perform nearly all mixed filler sticks at the price point. Give em a shot, you won't regret it.


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Best Value for a My Father Cigar

Tandor on 06/08/17

Anyone who knows about My Father Cigars will appreciate these. They are short filler but still the same tobacco used in the much more expensive My Father Cigars, obviously the left overs. If you smoke these you will taste the same tobacco. Save money and buy these for your every day/go to smoke.


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Dont miss it!

JerryG on 07/12/15

Don't overlook this Garcia cigar!. A really nice and relaxing smoke. Quality in every aspect. Best part is the creamy smoke. The toro was well constructed and was not overpowering.