Tabacos Baez Serie S.F.

Corona · 6 × 46 MFBSFC

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Carefully constructed in a classic 6 x 46 size, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona is a high-quality, low-priced cigar expertly handmade in the famed My Father factory run by Don Pepín, the big name behind some of the premium-cigar world's best-loved boutique-style brands. And, sure, the "S.F." stands for "short filler"...but we dare you not to enjoy this smoke.

Packed in a box of 20 cigars, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona is created in the Cuban "sandwich" style, which means its Nicaraguan filler blend includes top-quality tobacco leaf in both long and short varieties (and that leaf comes from the same tobacco plants cultivated for the factory's pricier cigars). Surrounded by a flavorful Nicaraguan binder and finished with a flawless Nicaraguan EMS wrapper in a velvety-brown color, the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona offers a medium-bodied strength profile and notes of coffee, earth, and spice from a draw and burn so smooth and consistent that you'd swear this Nicaraguan puro is 100% long-filler leaf.

When you're shopping online to buy a great classic-sized cigar, take a good look at the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona, a low-cost smoke worthy of high praise.

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Medium Brown / EMS

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Short and choppy.

C Enjay on 06/10/15

For a short filler, this thing is great, when you compare it to long filler cigars, it's a bit lacking. But for the price, and being what it is it is well worth it.


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Tabacos Baez

pawn89 on 06/14/15

This is a short filler cigar, but you wouldn't know itbfrom the flavors. The construction suffers a small amount and the ash doesn't hold up for very long, but the taste is fantastic for something easily had for less than $3 a stick.