Macanudo Gold Label

Gold Star · 6 × 64 MAGGS

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Big, beefy, and bursting with flavor, the Macanudo Gold Star is a premium jawbreaker you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Even creamier and smoother than the traditional Macanudo, this behemoth will keep your tongue tingling for hours! It is available in boxes of 21.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Mexico

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Light Brown / Natural

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A problem with a great smoke!!

sanbarawl on 03/14/15

These are great smokes, but every time I order a box the first cigar in each row (the one with the cellophane on backwards) is always dried out, which I find really unfair considering there are only 21 in the box. I stopped ordering from you guys for quite a while, but just ordered a box because JR wrote offering me an incentive to return, and you still have the same problem with Macanudo.


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Fantastic flavor for a mild cigar.

Overworked on 04/01/15

This is a step up in flavor from the Macanudo Cafe, but it is still a milder cigar in terms of nicotine content. The result is smooth, with faint butterscotch and leather, but with a citrus or floral accent. Subtle, but very nice. It would be perfect but there are occasional problems with canoeing from an off-center, loose, filler packing.