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Court · 4.18 × 36 MAGCT

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Packed in a striking gold crushproof case, the Court is the perfect -sized premium smoke to enjoy on the quick. This is a distinctive cigar with the legendary smoothness of Macanudo with a flavor shot of added sweetness.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Mexico

Dominican Republic


Light Brown / Natural

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Good while taking a drive

MLD57 on 03/22/15

A nice, mild. little cigar that's flavorful and that's perfect for a quick smoke.


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Ben on 03/23/15

I really enjoyed the Macanudo Vintage 1988 cigars I purchased on here, my first Macanudo's, and wanted to sample another from the brand, so I bought this little 5 pack. But beyond the cool little tin (which really doesn't matter), I really didn't like anything about it. For starters, it's an ugly cigar. The wrapper is all bumpy and gnarly, with varying shades and colors. I didn't expect it to burn well, but it actually did alright. But the flavor is where it really put me off. There is a flavor present, especially before lighting, that I have a hard time putting my finger on. The best I can relate it to, are those rare times when you inhale some perfume as it's being sprayed and actually taste it. Or some kind of chemical taste? I don't know, but I didn't enjoy it much at all. To be fair, this is a really small cigar, and I don't think smaller cigars are ever as good as their larger counterparts. So if offered, I might try a normal size Gold Label. But I won't buy them.


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4 out of five were great...

OscarGato on 06/22/15

Nice smoke over-all, convenient size. I had serious run issues with one of the 5 cigars, so based on my experience, 20% poor construction. Great taste when it doesn't run.


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My wife takes 'em!

Buddy Dean on 07/14/15

These are my wife's favorite. She likes to puff on my cigars when she's around but if there are Mac's around she wants her own. Sometimes she just claimes all of them as hers! I like them too.


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Just what you expect

Martycigar on 07/18/15

We eat with our senses of see and smell first. You do with this cigar also but you add a great feel. This cigar is like your Moms fried chicken. Great sight, feel, smell and taste. Who can resist ?