La Unica

Cabinet No. 600 · 6 × 50 LU6B3

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Packaged in a bundle of 20, the La Unica Cabinet No. 600 is made in the Dominican Republic by the same craftsmen that produce Arturo Fuente. This is a very smooth Toro with notes of cocoa, coffee, sweet cream and caramel. The dark Broadleaf wrapper adds a delightful spicy kick to the blend.
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Bundle of 20

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium

Dark Brown / Maduro

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Educated《Not Stupid》

Puff of Smoke on 04/01/17

I have purchased 2 bundles of LA Unica's 300's and 600's at $78.95 to 81.95 a bundle in the last 9 months and now they are at discount at $122.00 =55% higher than July 2016 and January 2017$135.00 regular price at 71% higher now. First bundle dry as a popcorn fart = zero and called and got just a sorry. Then next day after ordering the 300's they dropped the price on line to 45% off. Call to get that price and got Another sorry. Second bundle was fresh but at these increases that's it Im done. I'll Find my bundle of Arturo Fuente's eleswhere. Negative business practices. Greedy business practices equal lost customers. Word spreads. Adios Amigos