La Finca

Joyas Bundle · 6 × 50 LFJB

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This premium quality Nicaraguan puro has been handcrafted since 1972 in Estelí. Medium to full in body with a nutty, naturally sweet flavor, this well-balanced cigar has become one of Nicaragua's largest-selling brands. And, today, they’re packed in sensible bundles to keep their prices undeniably affordable.

La Finca was also one of the least expensive cigars to receive excellent ratings in “Smoke” and “Cigar Aficionado.” Now, is there any reason at all not to keep this popular cigar on hand?
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Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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Bill T Havelock,NC

Bill T on 04/30/15

Not a bad cigar for the money, Tried them to get away from JR Alt that have a propensity for unraveling(about every 3rd cigar was unsmokeable), Still looking for a decent priced medium cigar. Draw was ok, Construction is fair Flavor was so so did not order enough of them to comment on the consistency


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A So So Cigar

DvxDragon6 on 06/26/15

Thought I'd give them a try, one more thing off my bucket list. I found them to be a hit or miss smoke, sometimes they smoke and burn good, other times, they didn't, flavor was lacking to me.


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A Real Bargain

Paladin45 on 07/05/15

This is one of my favorite smokes. Inexpensive, but holds its own against a good many more expensive cigars. Let them season in your humidor for two or three weeks for best results.


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could be better, could be worse

vgro383 on 02/23/15

now, here we have a great looking cigar, burns really nice but, the taste was sadly not really there. i guess you could call it a "light" cigar. for $3.50 something a stick, i though i hit a masterpiece. just a hint for my fellow la Finca trial smokers, if you completely rely on price to determine a quality of cigar, change it right now. cigars are priced differently from country to country and region to region. sometimes the cheapest cigar could be the best one you have ever tasted. its up to preference. however, if you want to try this cigar, be my guest. don't rely on my opinion completely to shoot you down


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Bram Swishor on 02/25/15

Ok, so these may not be as tasty as a Padron, but for the price, this yummy Nicaraguan really does the trick. These are my everyday smokes. Rich, nutty and medium bodied. Highly recommended cigar!


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A so so smoke

Dvxdragon6 on 07/03/15

Thought I'd try this after reading some of the reviews, I found them to be lacking didn't burn even and the draw was a bit tight, taste was not that good to me I've had better that were cheaper in price