La Corona

Coronation · 7 × 46 LCCO

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Packaged in a box of 20, the Coronation is a thin Churchill sized cigar. Its vintage fillers create hours of smooth, luxurious smoke. It uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, making it light and nutty, with a hint of spice.
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Box of 20

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Ecuador Connecticut


Dominican Republic / Honduras



Light Brown / Natural

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I say Golf Gar :-)

mildpuff on 04/03/15

As my screen name implies I do like the Mild to Mediums unless I'm having a Whiskey. It could be called a Yard Gar, ha-ha. I would call it the Golf Gar with the 7" length and construction. I got a box at auction for right at $2 a stick, just the right price. Don't think I would pay more. Though this one is quite Mild it's very enjoyable if you like them mild as I do. Agree with 8ball917 though If you don't like them mild you will find them lacking in flavor. Even I expected a bit more flavor. Other than that a great cigar if you can get em for a couple of bucks a stick.


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it's a yard gar

8ball917 on 02/24/15

Nothing special here. Mild to medium and pretty much one dimensional, but not horrible. The most I'd be willing to spend would be $2 a piece. It's a yard gar, but not a dog rocket. I'd consider it if I smoked 2 to 3 a day, but I think other are more worthy in this price range. The black abyss I recently had blows this away. Construction was great but lowered my scores since flavor should have the biggest impact on score.