Kentucky Fire Cured

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This big, rustic-looking, handmade premium Toro is packed with unique flavor notes of oak, hickory and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco. Prepare your taste buds for a groundbreaking cigar-smoking experience. Packaged in a bundle of 10.
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Perfect campfire/BBq cigar

Daho1976 on 11/10/15

This is so far one of my favorite cigars. If you are an out door Emerson who likes campfire camping or just cooking on the Bbq. The cigar is perfect for that kinda of stuff. You can taste the flavor of the oak/hickory. I would say try this cigar and enjoy it with a friend


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Worst smoke I've ever had!

scbailey on 10/31/15

We all know what a cigar should basically taste like. There are different strengths, subtle flavors etc but you know what to look for when you pull out a smoke. These don't taste anything like a cigar. The pkg smell like it was rescued from a house fire and the cigars taste and smell the same. I couldn't stand more than an inch before tossing. I gave some to a friend who will buy/smoke the cheapest cigars out there and he threw it away. I purchased these for a group of Ky. friends for the 4th of July but didn't even give them out. To me it's like puffing on a piece of wood that was burned in a house fire some time ago.


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Too strong smoke

David Stiles on 10/24/15

Overwhelming smoke flavor. Maybe my least favorite cigar ever.


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Seanlcky13 on 10/06/15

Kentucky fire cured is one of may favorites. Bold spice and ruch smoke. Tastes like a bon fire. Reccommended to thise who like smoky bbq