Romeo y Julieta 1875

Love Story · 4.25 × 46 JULS

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Named for the lovers in Shakespeare’s classic play, this popular Romeo y Julieta size is appropriately called Love Story. You too will fall in love with this classic turn of the century figurado shape as well as the flavor. Packaged in boxes of 25, this expertly crafted beauty starts very light then quickly explodes with rich, nutty flavors that include hazelnut, cedar, and coffee.  
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Brazil

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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Tragic Love Story

Tomorrow on 08/17/15

The Love Story cigar is tasty from beginning to end. Out of 5 cigars smoked, only one burned consistently from the beginning. Two cigars canoed, and the outer wrapper on two cigars crumbled. The draw on 3 cigars seemed plugged but snipping more off the cigar helped. The cigars were extremely dry when received so I removed all the wrappers from the cigars and placed them in a humidor, which hopefully will bring them back. I am sorry to report this experience with what I think would be an extraordinary short smoke under the right conditions.


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Tragic Love Story

Thomas M. on 09/02/15

I purchased a box of these from JR and the cigars were dry. The outer leaf wrappers split and peeled. It is difficult to get these cigars started because of the small opening which made the draw difficult at first. Once started, the cigars burned uneven although the flavor was excellent down to about mid-label, then turned bitter. The flaws could be due to a storage issue rather than manufacturing issue, but I suggest trying an individual cigar before investing in a box.


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A new favorite

JMoralis on 12/21/15

One of my new favorite smokes! I recently tried this based on a friend's recommendation, and I wasn't disappointed. Loved every second of this cigar, and chances are, you will too!