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Saint Luis Rey Size B · 6.12 × 49 JRSLB

You choose your cigar with prestige and exclusivity, knowing exactly what you need to express your individuality and valor. This is why you want the very best when it comes to choosing the right cigar to fill your humidor. Unfortunately, the most exclusive cigar is that of the Cuban, which is illegal in the United States. No Fear, JR Cigars is here. Not only can you find the very best Cuban alternatives, but you can find them at an exclusive price. So pour yourself a drink, grab some friends, and bring out the best Cuban cigar that you can buy without finding yourself with a criminal record. Try one of our very best Cuban alternatives today and start enjoying your life. They are made at the most famous factories in the world with long filler tobaccos from some of the best premium cigars in the industry. They are not seconds, they are just as good as any other premium cigar on the market but priced way less due to the bundle packaging.
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Dominican Republic

Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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