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The JR Alternative to the maduro-wrapped Rocky Patel Edge Toro cigar is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a really great top-quality premium cigar for much less. Handmade with the long-filler clippings from some of the best smokes in the world such as Macanudo, Montecristo, and Excalibur, these cigars are close in size, flavor, and strength to those big-name brands. Buy a bundle of 20 at JR Cigar and see whyJR Alternative cigars have been our best-selling brand for decades.
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Dark Brown / Maduro

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Very good everyday cigar!

mrbressler on 03/18/15

I hate "house" cigars but bought these to try. Must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Not the exact of an Edge but uniquely their own and very satisfying. Wish they would offer up various samplers by strength, size, etc.


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How to make them great

Dane on 03/05/15

1st thing you need to know about all JR Alternative cigars - If you want them to taste as good as the expensive cigars you MUST leave them sit in your humidor for a year or two. Put them on the bottom under the "good stuff" and forget about them. They will transform from a "OK" cheap cigar to a VERY tasty and satisfying cigar. No cigar is very good when "green" that's why the expensive cigars are left to sit for years before they are sold. OK, back to the subject. After sitting a year or two these are every bit as good as the "real" thing. NOT exactly the same flavor as a RP Edge Toro, but close enough to make you want many more of them. They are just as strong which is what i'm looking for and the smooth but bold flavor is satisfying. Get a manly sized humidor and buy a bunch. You'll thank me in a couple years.


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Generally speaking

JR Alternative regular smoker on 04/01/15

Have smoked a large number of the JR Alternatives with varied success. All too often most of them taste about the same, regardless of what their name sake. If I have 5 or 6 without their "brand name" separating them I would be hard pressed to be able to identify what I am smoking. Generally for the price they are an ok secondary cigar I do enjoy while I'm doing something else (yard work, toying with the car, household chores) where just about any cigar taste the same, even the expensive ones. Its not generally one of the ones I "plan" to smoke or choose as special event cigar. Then again, its not a $7-$10 smoke. The construction, taste & consistency are generally reliable, but from time to time I get a bundle of dogs. Won't stay lit, have runners or poor drawing annoyances, maybe one of 10 bundles. Just finished a bundle of R, Patel "the Edge" maduro that were a close match to the brand name in taste but the construction was terrible. Maybe a rookie roller, wouldn't stay lit regardless. caved in every 10 tokes & needed a relight. Really disappointed in this bundle. I guess its my 1 of 10 gamble. I will probably buy another bundle & see if this ratio holds true. This bundle was just a nicotine delivery system. Generally a good smoke for the price, as Dane says " a long stay in your humidor helps their flavor". .


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If you enjoy Rocky Edges you'll evjoy these just as much

bcsis1 on 05/05/15

Excellent Cigar and a good value


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J on 04/20/15

The cigar is really nothing like the RP Edge. Don't get me wrong, it's not a horrible cigar, but when I heard "alternative", I expected it to be similar to the real thing. Anyhow, the cigar isn't bad. Like everyone else here, it's not the type that you want to kick back at night and relax with. It's fine for when you're doing other things, or to give out to friends that only smoke occasionally. The construction kinda sucks. It gets super spongy about an inch in, which makes for bad draws and constant re-lights. I'll probably guy another bundle when these run out, just to have around. I suppose you get what you pay for.


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Good Bargain with good flavor!

caobull on 05/11/15

A good bargain everyday smoke. The wrapper has a tendency to come apart and the consistency of the burn/draw varies quite a bit per package.


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Great smoke

Pklemm on 06/11/15

I really love this cigar. It is one of the most consistent smokes I've ever had. It's a little bit stronger than some. If you're used to Macanudo this is going to be strong for you. Take your time though. This one is worth it!


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Daily Smoker

jeffscast1956 on 02/07/15

Good flavor. The draw was a little slow, but overall a good cigar for the price. Just don't expect it to taste to much like RP Edge. Still a good alternative.


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RP Toro Edge

garacud on 05/09/15

A little harsh tasting and will not stay lit!


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Frustrating and yet good taste

Mhedrick40 on 07/13/15

Good flavor which from time to time mimics The Edge. Construction is very inconsistent, uneven burn, won't hold an ash. Overall a discent everyday smoke.