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The JR Cuban Alternative to the Cohiba Robusto cigar is the closest thing you’re going to find to a true Havana. These value-priced long filler cigars are crafted at the most legendary factories in the world with unused tobaccos from the most famous cigars in the industry. Expert construction, great quality, delicious flavors, and supreme consistency have made the JR Alternatives our best-selling brand for over 35 years. Buy a cellophaned bundle of 20 at JR Cigar today.
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Cohiba Robusto

WAL on 04/17/15

REVIEW J R Cigars J R Cuban Alternative Cohiba Robusto Reviewed By W.A. Lampley, Jr. Twenty years ago, I acquired a box of first quality Cuban Cohiba Robustos, purchased in Madrid, Spain. I have had two legendary cigars in my life. By that I mean two individual cigars. Out of boxes and samplers and travels and gifts, and more than twenty years, a litany of fine cigars...only two truly legendary cigars. The first was a simple little H Upmann out of an ordinary box I purchased in 1992. Out of the twenty very nice, pleasant cigars in the box, this One was a mystical, magical, once in a lifetime cigar which opened romantically like a box of love letters in an old woman's attic, still redolent of the sachet she placed alongside the bundles of envelopes tied with satin ribbons. In the course of smoking the paltry 5-1/2 inch 45 ring gauge, the bouquet of the cigar kept changing from floral to cedar to savory spices to coffee and chocolate, crepe myrtle, vetiver, and vanilla, and told stories of love and triumphs treasured over decades. The second was my first Cohiba Robusto, which assaulted my senses and sensibilities. Compared to the Harlequin romance of that little H Upmann, this Cohiba cigar was Tolstoy, Margaret Mitchell., Hemingway, and Fitzgerald. Sensually, the entire box was on a par with that first Cohiba, but for one thing...it was my first. As fulfilling as every other Cohiba has been, you only get one 'First” of anything. Admittedly, the H Upmann was a white buffalo. Something that rarely occurs, and I was fortunate enough to experience it. But the Cohibas consistently surprised and satisfied me. They were always a great adventure. Over the years, mind you, I've enjoyed legendary experiences which were punctuated by a great cigar to mark the occasion. But for only these two was the cigar itself the legend, the occasion. As I am retired and living on a small pension, fixed income, etc. I was struck by the J R Catalog pitch about smoking J R Alternatives with a bunch of retired fellas. You got me on that one. You spoke to me. So I decided to try one. I figured, if this is any good at all, I have to set my standard as high as possible for my experimental investment to compare just how the salesmanship measured up to the product, so I chose the JRCOR, the J R Cuban Alternative to the Cohiba Roubsto., Twenty years of reflection can either enhance or diminish the memory, but you guys have come really close. Here is a cigar at a price (including shipping) of about 10% the cost of its namesake., and it delivers about 80% of its promise, That's an outstanding deal. Thank you. The ring gauge of your JRCOR was disappointing, because I remember the original as being somewhat fatter, with a very open draw. On the other hand, the construction on these sticks is medium firm, squarish burning, and fairly dependable. Heck, even the originals could draw or burn capriciously on occasion. On balance the size doesn't really matter. I forgive you. Concerning the buzz...you know, whether or not you can keep a meal down after one of these, what diminishes in comparison is in this case a good thing. These are heady enough to keep you seated for a few minutes after finishing, just to savor the afterglow, but mercifully not as brutal as the original Cohiba Robusto, which demanded that you have a meal first, and temper the smoke with at least a beer or a rum and ginger, to soften the blows of stepping into the ring with Sr. Fidel and Avelino Lara. The unlit cigar, slipping out of the wrapper, wafts pleasantly like newly fermented spring mulch recently spread over the garden. Fresh out of the bundle the cut was clean with few to no breaks in the skin and the cap came off whole. Lighting it takes a little patience and rotation to keep it square but, once started, it keeps a decent angle of incidence. The opening taste is peppery and makes the lips tingle slightly, the tongue is bathed in earthy woody tones, ripening toward coffee. (No Cream, No Sugar, and not too Hot!) The ferment on these leaves is evident, musky and reassuring, a hint of adventure, but no threat of assault. The finish is smooth, balanced, and consistent with the opener, slightly peppery - warm but not bitter. All of the tones and memories of the original are there, just not as challenging to endure. Frankly, I think that's probably a good thing in a two dollar cigar. Congratulations. Keep it up! Now if only you can duplicate those little Cherubs! La Rosa Especial Mi Favoritas, That would be something.


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Great Smoke

Cody on 04/22/15

Bought this bundle last week and for the price it is simply unbeatable. Great draw, consistent burn, and easy on the pallet. If you are going to have a bunch of guys over and do not want to be set back cash I would give these a try.