Joya de Nicaragua Antano

Gran Perfecto · 6 × 60 JNAGP

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If you’ve been searching for a powerful smoke to knock your socks off, check out the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Gran Perfecto. An extremely full-bodied Nicaraguan puro, it has a rich peppery flavor profile that’ll keep you coming back for more. Masterfully grown, fermented and hand-rolled in Nicaragua, the Gran Perfecto features a smooth Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper and hearty, complex Nicaraguan black tobaccos. The Gran Perfecto boasts a nubby 60 gauge ring and 6 inch body construction that puts the flavor at the front. Available in a cedar chest of 20.
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Bring back the original !

EAST TROY DON on 04/12/15

A very good but not great cigar. That's not a rip, it just is questionable as to whether it's worth $8.50 a stick. The draw is balanced and consistent throughout the smoke and stands up well to the wind when smoked outside. Being triple Nicaraguan there's not much enrichment of the fillers as the cigar smokes down What you taste at the tip you taste at the end and everywhere in between. It doesn't change. If that's what you're looking for you'll be pleased with this one . I, however, prefer a cigar that "matures" as I smoke it , presenting a plethora of flavors as it burns down. Also, this cigar is ballyhooed as a strong cigar but I found it to be a slightly inferior version of the Joya de Nicaragua Antano that was offered a few years ago Now THAT was a great cigar! That being said, I don't regret buying a box of these and would probably order them again. However, if you are truly looking for a strong smoke that burns well with marvelous flavor blends I would recommend the Black Partagas Magnifico. Its a lot more "Bang" for considerably less bucks.


3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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bassman55 on 01/20/15

I consider myself a beginner even though I've been smoking cigars on and off for about 10 years. Not to mention that I score this cigar a 10 on the basics (Draw, construction, consistency) What really hooked me is the Unprecedented Flavor! From the start to pushing the ring down for one more puff, I am put under a mystical spell of 3 to an unbelievable 4 different flavors. I have to do all I can to stop myself form eating it! I rate this cigar above all that I have ever smoked.