Henri Wintermans

Cafe Creme Oriental Arome · 3 × 28 HWCCO

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An exotic twist on a classic blend, Henri Wintermans Cafe Crème Oriental Arome, in 5 tins of 20, will have your mouthwatering with every puff. Rare, Far-Eastern tobacco’s and spices mingle with cream and warm toast for a most memorable smoking experience.
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5 Tins of 20 (100 total)

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Natural Tobacco Leaf



Medium Brown / EMS

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When you just do not have the time for you larger favourite...

linuxdevman on 06/01/15

Very nice consistent quality smokes. The are great when you take the dogs for a nightly walk, or when time is limited. Or when you just want to sit down with something lighter with a different flavour than your usual stogie. They are also very nicely aromatic which is often agreeable to those around you who do not mind the smell of pipe tobacco. As a pipe smoker myself, the taste is that of a mild cigar with a bit of extremely subtle sweetness. These ARE NOT flavoured cigars which I strongly dislike. So do not be scared away by my mention of sweetness. The aroma is not like other cigars, it is much closer to an aromatic pipe tobacco in that respect. So if you are wanting that "classic" cigar aroma, this is not it. I highly recommend these little cigars to anyone that does not mind a mild cigar. I only wish they were about an inch longer. This would make them last a tad longer and also make it less of an issue when you smoke it down. I sometimes look like I could be smoking a different tobacco since as it gets near the end, it is hard not to be cheap and pinch the end to get that last 1/4 inch of enjoyment, before discarding the butt. ;-)


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A quick smoke, but that's about it

El Kabong on 05/15/17

Nothing special, but fits the bill for a quick cigar fix. Much more like pipe tobacco smell and flavor, which isn't as offensive to some non-smokers, as if we really care.