Honduran Factory Corojos

Toro · 6 × 50 HOCT

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Packaged in a bundle of 50, this Toro is an Ecuadorian wrapped, medium to full-bodied cigar with aged filler tobacco from three nations. This once destined for greatness, but orphaned brand lingered in the enormous Plasencia warehouse until we adopted them, and now we are passing this amazing deal onto you!
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Bundle of 50

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Costa Rica / Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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You could do a lot worse for a lot more money

onemancigarband on 10/08/15

Overall a solid value in the price to quality ratio After all, it would not be fair to hold it to the standard of a routinely far more expensive cigar now , would it ? Dollar for dollar the factory Corojos deliver a solid bargain and a decent smoke for a very reasonable sale price. The bonus is that every once in a while, you "luck out" and get a bundle that literally tastes identical to a high-end top notch cigar. My most recent purchase wasn't close to that. But, every once in a while you do get one. Considering that quite poor machine- made cigars are retailing now for close to a buck a stick you could do a lot worse for a lot more money.


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not as good as I expected

vanbaart on 10/04/15

bought a bundle at auction, they are not a tightly rolled cigar, and they burn quite fast. I would call it a mild cigar, the taste starts out ok , but never really develops much , at the end it became quite bitter.