Honduran Factory Corojos

Lonsdale · 6.62 × 44 HOCL

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Honduran Factory Corojos Lonsdale is a well-aged, medium to full-bodied Honduran cigar that ended up homeless and residing in the gigantic Plasencia warehouse until we grabbed them all up. Loaded with rich earth and spicy flavors, these Kraft-wrapped bundles of 50 are without a doubt one of the best cigar deals on the planet.
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Costa Rica / Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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Lucky Me!

DrHoodoo on 03/10/15

A truly great find. Dollar for dollar the best cigar I've found for the money yet. Lonsdales are not one of my regular size smokes but I enjoy one now and then and had a chance to bid on these during one of the auctions. Lucky me. I won! A few days later I was unwrapping this fifty cigar bundle and making room in one of my humidors for it. From the first one I was impressed with the flavor, construction, and just plain enjoyable smoking experience this cigar provided. Out of the more than 25 I've smoked already I have had two that seemed to "coal up" after the first third was smoked. With a little patience and persistence I was able to move the cigar through that ugly point and finish the smoke without tossing it away. If I end up with four bad sticks out of fifty I won't howl too loudly. I am amazed that this Lonsdale size cigar is actually nearly an hour long smoke. I don't get that out of most of the Toros I buy today!


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Great cigars for not much dough!

Tony C on 04/30/15

I've been buying these for a while. The price and quality are very good. Consistency is excellent.


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Worth twice the price

Ole guy on 12/30/14

I've been buying these cigars for years & really love the flavor!! They are one of, if not, the best deal for a high quality handmade long filler cigar out there!!!