Honduran Factory Corojos

No. 660 · 6 × 60 HOC60

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The Cuban born Nestor Plasencia has been manufacturing many of the finest premium handmade cigars in the world for many decades.  With over 30 of the most sought after brands under his belt, he has established an outstanding reputation in the cigar community.  With tons of cigars produced annually at his factory in Honduras, we were able to find an orphaned blend that needed a home.  All of these smokes were destined to be first-class handmade cigars, but instead Nestor packed them up in 50-cigar, kraft-paper-wrapped bundles and sold them to us.  Now it is your turn to get in on one of our very best deals ever!

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Costa Rica / Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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Great for price

memgim on 08/25/15

Got this from a friend a while back. Very well made stick. Nice deep rich flavor but not harsh. Even burn with a dark coffee flavor.


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Thank you,. Your welcome.

Falconrath on 07/04/15

Quite a pleasure surprise. This is a lovely big cigar, nicely put together, with a truly pleasant blend of three regional tobaccos. The size that takes a bit longer to get through, but it enjoyable right up to the point you decide to say goodbye to it. A very reasonably priced cigar that is certainly better than average and will at prestige to a fine occasion without the need to take out a loan. Cheers


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OK Cigar

d803 on 07/23/15

Burned straight, lots of smoke, pretty smooth not overpowering, notes of leather and toasted nuts hint of spice midway point.